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Xlife Sciences AG (XLS): kandidaat-antiviraal geneesmiddel

Veelbelovend medicijn tegen Covid-19 en griepvirussen

ZURICH– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Een portfolioproject van Xlife Sciences AG (XLS) is de ontwikkeling van een veelbelovend kandidaat-geneesmiddel tegen SARS-CoV-2 en andere griepvirussen. Het actieve ingrediënt remt de virale replicatie en werkt tegen infectie-gerelateerde ontstekingsprocessen. Het wordt al bij mensen gebruikt.

Research & Development is actief op zoek naar Covid-19-therapieën over de hele wereld. Op deze manier is het doel om te focussen op het verminderen van virale replicatie in vroege stadia en om inflammatoire effecten in een later stadium te behandelen.

Het kandidaat-geneesmiddel dat is ontwikkeld door het portfolio-projectbedrijf van Xlife Sciences AG heeft aangetoond dat het een alternatieve therapeutische benadering kan bieden in verschillende fasen van de ziekte, aangezien het zowel de virale belasting vermindert als de ontsteking in het lichaam remt.

Xlife Sciences AG (XLS): Antiviral drug candidate

Promising medical drug against Covid-19 and flu viruses

ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A portfolio project of Xlife Sciences AG (XLS) is developing a promising drug candidate against SARS-CoV-2 as well as other flu viruses. The active ingredient inhibits the viral replication and acts against infection related inflammatory processes. It is already in use in humans.

Research & Development is actively looking for Covid-19 therapies around the world. In this way, the aim is to focus on reducing viral replication in early stages and to treat inflammatory effects at a later stage.

The drug candidate developed by the portfolio project company of Xlife Sciences AG has shown that it can offer an alternative therapeutic approach in several phases of the disease, as it both reduces the viral load and inhibits inflammation in the body.

Oliver R. Baumann, CEO of Xlife is delighted about the latest results: “We are very confident that the medical drug can be used in various phases of Covid-19 due to its specific properties and are pleased to contribute to fighting the global pandemic”. Baumann added that it can be assumed that the active principle can be transferred to other respiratory viruses as well. This is subject to further research.

According to Xlife, the drug candidate has efficiently reduced the viral load of lung cells infected with influenza in several cell experiments. Tests with SARS-CoV-2 pathogens have also shown a high level of effectiveness. In addition, various inflammatory processes in the body have been effectively combated. The active ingredient is already being used in humans.

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