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Moody’s Analytics wint vijf InsuranceERM Awards

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Voor het tweede jaar op rij heeft Moody’s Analytics vijf categorieën gewonnen in de InsuranceERM Awards:

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210301005550/en/

»ERM End-to-End-oplossing van het jaar

»Software van het jaar voor economische scenariogenerator

»Regulatory Reporting Software of the Year

»Solvency II-oplossing van het jaar

»Stressscenario’s Software van het jaar

“Onze verzekeringsklanten hebben het afgelopen jaar te maken gehad met ongeëvenaarde, vaak onvoorziene veranderingen. Gedurende deze periode van onzekerheid hebben ze vertrouwd op Moody’s Analytics om hen te helpen hun doelen te bereiken ”, aldus Colin Holmes, General Manager Insurance Solutions. “We zijn er trots op dat vertrouwen te hebben verdiend en erkennen dat er nog vele andere uitdagingen voor ons liggen, waaronder klimaatverandering en de aanstaande go-live voor IFRS 17 en LDTI. Zoals deze erkenning van InsuranceERM aantoont, stelt ons brede aanbod onze verzekeringsklanten in staat klaar te zijn voor alle hindernissen die zich kunnen voordoen.”

Moody’s Analytics Wins Five InsuranceERM Awards

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– For the second straight year, Moody’s Analytics has won five categories in the InsuranceERM Awards:

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210301005550/en/

» ERM End-to-End Solution of the Year

» Economic Scenario Generator Software of the Year

» Regulatory Reporting Software of the Year

» Solvency II Solution of the Year

» Stress Scenarios Software of the Year

“Our insurance customers have had to address unparalleled, often unforeseeable changes in the last year. Throughout this period of uncertainty they have trusted Moody’s Analytics to help them achieve their goals,” said Colin Holmes, General Manager of Insurance Solutions. “We’re proud to have earned that trust and recognize that many other challenges lie ahead—including climate change and upcoming go-live for IFRS 17 and LDTI. As this recognition from InsuranceERM shows, our broad offering equips our insurance customers to be ready for whatever hurdles may arise.”

Moody’s Analytics capabilities in economic forecasting help insurers to project and test financial outcomes. They are often used in tandem with our expertise in actuarial and credit modeling and our enterprise software to enable customers to assess their risks and anticipate the future.

As market conditions change, insurers need to monitor their solvency position more frequently, quickly, and with accuracy. We introduced the Moody’s Analytics SolvencyWatch™ solution last year to help them monitor their financial position, giving risk teams timely access to actionable information.

The pandemic has changed how vendors support and engage with their customers. In-person collaboration, previously typical, remains virtually impossible. Fortunately for Moody’s Analytics, our “vendor-maintained” approach has been valuable to customers amid the continuing uncertainty. Because our methodologies are built directly into our software, implementation focuses on knowledge transfer—not customization.

“Moody’s Analytics continues to be a leader in the insurance risk and financial management space, as demonstrated by a second straight five-win showing,” said Christopher Cundy, Managing Editor of InsuranceERM. “Their offerings are helping insurers meet a range of business and regulatory challenges that have only intensified over the last year.”

Learn more about Moody’s Analytics solutions for IFRS 17 and LDTI.

These wins add to the recognition for Moody’s Analytics, which in 2020 totaled more than 70 awards.

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