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Open bankieren een wereldwijde revolutie in wording, volgens het rapport van de Economist Intelligence Unit voor Temenos

  • Bijna de helft (45%) van de bankbestuurders wereldwijd is van plan hun bedrijfsmodellen om te vormen tot digitale ecosystemen
  • Open bank hub initiatieven, die klanten de mogelijkheid bieden om hun bankgegevens te koppelen aan externe leveranciers, is wereldwijd de op een na meest gekozen innovatiestrategie, genoemd door 29% van de respondenten
  • Dit onafhankelijke rapport bespreekt strategieën voor open bankieren in verschillende regio’s op basis van gegevens van meer dan 300 senior bankmanagers, van wie de helft C-suite is

GENÈVE– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), het bank softwarebedrijf, heeft vandaag een nieuw rapport gepubliceerd “Open banking: revolution of evolution?” geschreven door de Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) en gebaseerd op een enquête onder meer dan 300 bankmanagers wereldwijd. Het stelt vast dat bijna de helft (45%) van plan is hun bedrijfsmodellen om te zetten in digitale ecosystemen en bijna een derde (29%) heeft strategieën voor open bank hub-initiatieven. Terwijl bankgegevens beginnen te stromen, is volgens het rapport de wereldwijde revolutie in open banking een werk in uitvoering en zijn klantervaring en vertrouwen essentieel om het ware potentieel ervan te ontsluiten.

Open Banking a Global Revolution in Progress, Finds Economist Intelligence Unit Report for Temenos

● Nearly half (45%) of global banking executives are set on transforming their business models to become digital ecosystems

● Open bank hub initiatives, giving customers the option to connect their bank data with third-party providers, is the second most chosen innovation strategy globally, cited by 29% of respondents

● This independent report discusses open banking strategies across regions based on data from over 300 senior banking executives, half of whom are C-suite

GENEVA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company, today published a new report “Open banking: revolution or evolution?” written by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and based on a survey of over 300 global banking executives. It finds that nearly half (45%) are set on transforming their business models to become digital ecosystems and almost a third (29%) have strategies for open bank hub initiatives. While banking data is beginning to flow, according to the report, the global revolution in open banking is a work in progress and customer experience and confidence are key to unlocking its true potential.

The pandemic has boosted open banking and the financial technology ecosystem. The report states that incumbent banks could be the biggest beneficiaries, provided they adopt adequate technology strategies to compete with nimble new entrants.

The report finds open banking could benefit banks by making it easier for them to leverage their own data internally for better service personalization, a top priority for nearly a third (32%) of respondents in the EIU survey.

Regulation has been the main driver in many regions, notably Europe and some Asian and Latin American countries. In others, open banking has evolved owing to market forces and new competitors such as e-commerce giants in China and nimble challengers in the US. The UK is leading the way in open banking due to regulatory requirements and a dedicated central program and platform, the Open Banking Implementation Entity, funded by the country’s nine biggest banks. Australia, Mexico and Brazil have also introduced open banking legislation, while Canada has started the second phase of its “consumer-directed finance” consultation.

The report cautions, while 87% of countries reportedly have some form of open APIs in place, the evolution of open banking depends on customer confidence in sharing their data, interoperability, enhanced user experience, and actual added-value of products and services for customers.

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos, said: “Open banking is lowering barriers to entry and breaking the traditional banking value chain. It is forcing banks to rethink their business models and decide whether they want to be manufacturers or distributors of financial products or both. Temenos’ modern, API-first, cloud-native banking platform allows banks to pursue all options, allowing them to offer rich customer experiences as well as to drive back-office automation and bring products to market faster, leveraging their own capability as well as that of their open banking eco-system of partners through open APIs.”

John Broxis, Managing Director, Open Banking Europe, stated in the report: “Opening up banking isn’t enough unless you can prove to your customer base the certainty of how their data is going to be treated, certainty about refund periods and reconciliation information, or certainty about what happens if you do something wrong.”

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