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IBS Intelligence erkent Temenos als de bestverkochte banksoftware in zes categorieën; de hoogste toegekend aan elke technologieaanbieder

  • #1 Core banking-oplossing voor het 17e achtereenvolgende jaar, meer dan 6x de deals van de concurrent op de 2e plaats
  • Nummer 1 in digitaal bankieren en kanalen voor het zesde achtereenvolgende jaar
  • #1 voor Neo-banken en challenger-banken voor het winnen van 50% van de totale deals

GENVE, Zwitserland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Temenos (SIX: TEMN) is erkend als het toonaangevende open platform voor composable banking in de IBS Intelligence Sales League Table (SLT). IBSi erkende Temenos als de leider in zes categorieën, meer dan enige andere technologieaanbieder, waaronder digitaal bankieren en kanalen, kernbankieren en betalingen.

The IBSi SLT 2022 beoordeelde systeemaankopen gedaan door meer dan 1000+ banken over 250+ producten van 60 leveranciers. Temenos werd gerangschikt:

  • #1 bestverkopende Universal Banking – Core Banking-oplossing met 49 nieuwe benoemde deals, waarmee het zijn marktleiderschap behoudt met 49% van de totale deals op de markt. Temenos was de enige grote kernleverancier die zijn marktaandeel jaar-op-jaar verhoogde
  • #1 voor digitaal bankieren en kanalen – ondertekening van 79 deals, met behoud van een marktaandeel van meer dan 50% in Amerika
  • #1 in betalingssystemen voor retailbankieren, voor het vierde achtereenvolgende jaar, met 43 nieuwe benoemde deals
  • #1 voor risicobeheer met 39 nieuwe naamdeals, 2x het aantal deals van de volgende leverancier
  • #1 voor Islamic Core Banking met 50% groei op jaarbasis bij 11 nieuwe benoemde deals
  • #1 leverancier voor Digital Banks, Neobanks en Challenger Banks met 34 nieuwe benoemde deals – 4x de volgende geplaatste leverancier

IBS Intelligence Recognizes Temenos as the #1 Best-Selling Banking Software in Six Categories; the Highest Awarded to Any Technology Provider

  • #1 Core banking solution for the 17th consecutive year, more than 6X the deals of the 2nd place competitor
  • #1 in Digital banking and channels for the sixth consecutive year
  • #1 for Neo-banks and challenger banks for winning 50% of total deals

GENEVA, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Temenos (SIX: TEMN) has been recognized as the market’s leading open platform for composable banking in the IBS Intelligence Sales League Table (SLT). IBSi recognized Temenos as the leader in six categories, more than any other technology provider, including digital banking and channels, core banking and payments.

The IBSi SLT 2022 assessed systems purchases made by over 1000+ banks across 250+ products from 60 suppliers. Temenos was ranked:

  • #1 best-selling Universal Banking – Core Banking solution with 49 new named deals, maintaining its market leadership with 49% of total deals in the market. Temenos was the only major core vendor to increase its market share year-on-year
  • #1 for Digital Banking and Channels – signing 79 deals, maintaining more than 50% market share in the Americas
  • #1 in Payments Systems for retail banking, for the fourth consecutive year, with 43 new named deals
  • #1 for Risk Management with 39 new name deals, 2X the number of deals of the next vendor
  • #1 for Islamic Core Banking with 50% year-on-year growth at 11 new named deals
  • #1 vendor for Digital Banks, Neobanks and Challenger Banks with 34 new named deals – 4X the next placed vendor

Temenos provides the world’s leading open platform for composable banking, allowing banks and financial institutions to easily assemble, test and extend their broad banking capabilities. This helps banks and non-banks to bring innovative products to market faster to meet growing customer expectations while reducing the cost of development. Temenos’ extensibility framework enables its clients to make high-impact changes predictably and with minimum effort using low code / no-code tools.

Temenos’ ongoing investment in R&D is reflected in the number of signings. IBS recognized Temenos as a global leader, with the largest number of global deals in 2021. These accolades follow results from the Forrester Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2022, where Temenos was the only vendor recognized as a Global Power Seller with more than 50 New Named Deals in more than five regions.

Nikhil Gokhale, Head of Research, IBS Intelligence, said: “The core of the future will be a modular system, letting the bank ‘change pieces’ easily, in a ‘plug and play’ manner and implemented in a cloud environment. This was evident in the new customer deal activity reported for the conventional back-office system categories during the last two years. The SLT 2022 report highlights that as banks move from legacy core banking systems, they opt for solutions on a micro level depending on their requirement rather than replacing their entire systems. The composable nature of Temenos’ platform is in line with this trend where financial institutions are looking to modernize their technology one step at a time.”

Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos, said: “We are delighted to be recognized as a best-selling banking software provider across six categories, more than any other technology provider, including neo-vendors and established players. We are proud to power a world of banking that creates opportunities for everyone and that 1.2 billion people rely on our technology for their daily banking needs. This impact is reflected in our continued success and recognition from industry experts like IBS Intelligence. Financial institutions need an open platform that provides scale, agility, and speed to respond to a changing world where digital transformation is imperative. This year’s Sales League Table shows yet again that Temenos is the strategic technology partner of choice for banks that want to transform the way they do business.”

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About Temenos

Temenos AG (SIX: TEMN) is the world’s leader in banking software. Over 3,000 banks across the globe, including 41 of the top 50 banks, rely on Temenos to process both the daily transactions and client interactions of more than 1.2 billion banking customers. Temenos offers cloud-native, cloud-agnostic and AI-driven front office, core banking, payments and fund administration software enabling banks to deliver frictionless, omnichannel customer experiences and gain operational excellence.

Temenos software is proven to enable its top-performing clients to achieve cost-income ratios of 26.8%, half the industry average and returns on equity of 29%, three times the industry average. These clients also invest 51% of their IT budget on growth and innovation versus maintenance, which is double the industry average, proving the banks’ IT investment is adding tangible value to their business.

For more information, please visit www.temenos.com.


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