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Het nieuwe aanraakloze transparante scherm van DNP kan worden bediend met handbewegingen

Combinatie van lichtcontrolefolie en transparant scherm verhoogt het AR-effect

TOKIO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Te midden van een toegenomen bewustzijn van hygiëne en veiligheid nu de Covid-19 pandemie zich over de hele wereld blijft verspreiden, heeft Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) (TOKIO: 7912) een nieuw transparant scherm ontwikkeld die kunnen worden bediend in een contactloos formaat, door simpelweg een hand over een bewegingssensor te bewegen. Door de noodzaak om direct contact met de cursor te maken weg te nemen, wordt het nieuw ontwikkelde scherm gepositioneerd als tegenmaatregel tegen de verspreiding van Covid-19.

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DNP’s New Touchless Transparent Screen Can Be Operated by Hand Movements

Combination of light control film and transparent screen heightens AR effect

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Amid increased awareness of hygiene and safety as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) (TOKYO: 7912) has developed a new transparent display screen that can be operated in a touchless format, by merely moving a hand over a motion sensor. By removing the need to make direct contact with the cursor, the newly developed screen will be positioned as a countermeasure to the spread of Covid-19.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201215006213/en/

[At left] Sensor unable to detect the operator’s hand [At right] Once the operator’s hand has been detected, the integrated LC light control film dims the screen making it possible to display clear images (Graphic: Business Wire)

[At left] Sensor unable to detect the operator’s hand [At right] Once the operator’s hand has been detected, the integrated LC light control film dims the screen making it possible to display clear images (Graphic: Business Wire)


A liquid crystal (LC) light control film is attached to a transparent screen facilitating a variety of video expressions on a single screen, from standard displays to augmented reality (AR) driven effects, including those where vivid images appear to hang in the air.

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As health and safety awareness grows, more users are calling for the development of products with antibacterial and antiviral functions, along with those that can be used in a touchless format.

At the same time, we have also recently seen a heightened focus on AR technology that supports consumer activities by imposing artificially created information over existing real world information. In answer to these dual developments, DNP has created a touchless display screen capable of giving expression to AR-driven spatial effects that enhance the immersive impact of presentations.

This has been achieved through the successful combination of, 1, a motion sensor that detects the operator’s movements, 2, an LC light control film that produces a clear image, and 3, a transparent screen that heightens the AR effect.

[Display Features]

  • The in-built motion sensor detects the movements of users and operators, and by activating the LC light control film, which is integrated into the transparent screen, makes it possible to display clearer images.
  • Bringing the palm of the hand closer to the screen activates the sensor, which causes the cursor to appear. The cursor can then be maneuvered in a touchless format via hand movements, including clicking on screen buttons to set actions into motion by bending the index finger towards the screen.
  • DNP’s proprietary LC light control film leverages coating technology to achieve a precise coating of the LC. And, by controlling the direction of the LC using electrical power, it is possible to block or transmit light with high precision, enabling the display of diverse and clear images.
  • The DNP transparent screen is produced by applying a precision lens to a large film substrate using advanced optical lens design technology and fine shaping technology.
  • The background can be viewed by making the integrated LC light control film transparent then projecting an image upon it. In this way, it is possible to achieve an AR effect in which images appear to hand in the air.

[Looking Ahead]

We anticipate a variety of usage scenarios for the touchless transparent screen, such as in vending and ticket machines, along with uses as the reception desks at hotels and companies. In addition, DNP will further develop and propose LC light control films and transparent screens targeting touchless displays as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

[About DNP]

DNP is one of the world’s largest comprehensive printing companies, providing a diverse portfolio of products and services to about 20,000 corporate clients worldwide. Since we were founded in 1876, we have consistently innovated new products and processes, and have successfully integrated proprietary printing and information technologies to branch out into various fields, including packaging, decorative materials, display components, and electronic devices. DNP continues to take on the challenge of new business fields, including those related to the environment, energy, and life sciences. Our aim is to become a principal provider of solutions to a variety of problems by developing and combining new technologies.


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