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rf IDEAS en Nymi Partner voor echt contactloze authenticatie oplossingen

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – rf IDEAS, een toonaangevende fabrikant van referentie-lezers voor authenticatie en logische toegang, kondigde een nieuw technologisch partnerschap aan met Nymi, de maker van de Nymi Band™, een innovatief draagbaar polsbandje voor veilige handen -vrije authenticatie. Deze samenwerking maakt 100% contactloze authenticatie mogelijk voor netwerken, data, applicaties en apparaten voor sectoren die de strengste hygiënenormen moeten handhaven.

rf IDEAS is een gevestigde leider op het gebied van contactloze inloggegevenslezers, waaronder WAVE ID®Mobile-lezers die Bluetooth® Low Energy-technologie bevatten voor gebruik met mobiele inloggegevens. De Nymi Band is een slank oplaadbaar apparaat dat om de pols wordt gedragen en dat wordt ontgrendeld via persoonlijke biometrie. Het bevat ook Bluetooth Low Energy-connectiviteit, waardoor onmiddellijke multi-factor authenticatie mogelijk is bij gebruik met WAVE ID-lezers.

rf IDEAS and Nymi Partner for Truly Contactless Authentication Solutions

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– rf IDEAS, a leading manufacturer of credential readers for authentication and logical access, announced a new technology partnership with Nymi, the creator of the Nymi Band™, an innovative workplace wearable wristband for secure hands-free authentication. This partnership will enable 100% contactless authentication to networks, data, applications, and devices for industries that must maintain the strictest standards of hygiene.

rf IDEAS is a well-established leader in contactless credential readers, including WAVE ID® Mobile readers that incorporate Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for use with mobile credentials. The Nymi Band is a sleek rechargeable device worn on the wrist that is unlocked via personal biometrics. It also incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, enabling instant multi-factor authentication when used with WAVE ID readers.

In many industries—such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech—users are challenged with the need to access multiple secure systems, often while wearing personal protective equipment, taking extraordinary measures to avoid the spread of germs. The rf IDEAS and Nymi partnership will greatly simplify authentication in these environments.

Andrew Foxcroft, Vice President at Nymi explained, “A hospital could enable single sign-on access to medical records, secure printers, nursing stations, medication carts and more with a wave of our Nymi Band over an rf IDEAS reader. There’s no need to type a password, handle an ID card, or even remove gloves.”

Tod Besse, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing at rf IDEAS, agreed, “It’s a real game-changer: a completely touchless, hands-free authentication solution that doesn’t require facial or retinal scanning. With the combination of the Nymi Band, WAVE ID readers, and our expertise across a wide range of industry-specific security needs, we’re frankly very excited to be transforming contactless authentication through this partnership.”

To learn more about using the Nymi Band with your rf IDEAS reader visit www.nymi.com.

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