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Jetcraft brengt 5-jarige Pre-Owned Market Forecast uit, verrijkt met klantinzichten

10.183 tweedehands transacties worden voorspeld tegen 2024, wat neerkomt op $ 48,8 miljard aan waarde

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jetcraft, de wereldleider op het gebied van verkoop en acquisities van zakenvliegtuigen, publiceert een 5-jarige Pre-Owned Business Aviation Market Forecast -inclusief, voor de eerste keer, trends uit de eigen transactiegegevens en klantinzichten van het bedrijf uit het verleden.

De meest recente prognose voorspelt dat het volume en de waarde van tweedehands transacties zich zullen herstellen tot een gestage groei gedurende de periode van vijf jaar, ondanks de uitdagingen dit jaar, met 2.271 transacties ter waarde van $ 11,1 miljard per jaar in 2024.

Jahid Fazal-Karim, eigenaar en voorzitter van de raad van bestuur bij Jetcraft, zegt: “Covid-19 heeft invloed gehad op veel sectoren, waaronder de onze. De zakenluchtvaart begint zich echter te herstellen en de vermindering van de commerciële vluchtactiviteit biedt de sector een reële kans om zijn klantenbestand verder uit te breiden en welvaart op lange termijn veilig te stellen.

Jetcraft Releases 5-year Pre-Owned Market Forecast Enriched With Customer Insights

10,183 pre-owned transactions are predicted by 2024, representing $48.8bn in value

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jetcraft, the world leader in business jet sales and acquisitions, is releasing a 5-Year Pre-Owned Business Aviation Market Forecast – including, for the first time, trends from the company’s own past transactional data and customer insights.

The latest forecast predicts pre-owned transaction volume and value will recover to steady growth during the five-year period, in spite of the challenges this year, reaching 2,271 transactions worth $11.1B annually by 2024.

Jahid Fazal-Karim, Owner and Chairman of the Board at Jetcraft, says: “Covid-19 has affected many industries, including our own. However, business aviation has started to recover and the reduction in commercial flight activity provides a real opportunity for the sector to further expand its customer base and secure long-term prosperity.

“For this year’s forecast we’ve decided to focus our predictions solely on the pre-owned market, a particular area of strength for Jetcraft and one that isn’t often included in other industry reports. Our forecast shows business aviation has begun to stabilize from the effect of the pandemic, and we expect to see 10,183 pre-owned transactions worth $48.8B in value over the next five years.”

Jetcraft’s forecast highlights trends in international trade activity that bode well for industry growth. Despite temporarily reduced activity in 2020, the World Trade Organization projects trade volume will rebound in 2021. Another key driver in business aviation transactions is the increase in the number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs), which is set to grow by 5% per annum until 2024.

Fazal-Karim continues: “Our previous forecasts predicted a downturn. Although it has taken place sooner than we thought, we were prepared and, as a result, are in a stronger position than in 2008. We have seen our industry quickly regain momentum and I’m confident in its recovery, particularly with more first-time buyers realizing the value of business aviation, and the addition of new platforms which continue to improve accessibility.”

Drawing upon nearly 60 years of industry knowledge, this is the first year that Jetcraft’s Market Forecast is incorporating past transactional data and customer insights, delivering a unique look at buyer behavior.

Fazal-Karim concludes: “We are forecasting a continued increase in Large Jet transactions, albeit at a slower pace than in previous years. Our Jetcraft transactional data shows Large Jets representing a strong share of purchases by younger buyers, and that High Net Worth buyer types, as compared to Corporate or Government buyer types, are more likely to invest in this aircraft segment. These trends truly demonstrate the potential of the Large Jet category, which remains poised for long-term growth.

“Predicting the future is certainly more challenging against the backdrop of the current climate, and I’m especially proud to be sharing our anticipated annual industry outlook again this year.”

Jetcraft’s complete 2020 5-year Pre-Owned Business Aviation Market Forecast is available to download at https://www.jetcraft.com/knowledge/market-forecast/.


Report graphs, high-resolution images and interviews are available on request.

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