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NexStreaming brengt NexPlayer SDK uit voor Sony PlayStation en Microsoft Xbox Series X Gaming Consoles

MADRID– (BUSINESS WIRE) – NexStreaming heeft vandaag de release aangekondigd van NexPlayer SDK voor de Sony PlayStation 5 en voor de Microsoft Xbox Series X-gameconsoles.

Met deze nieuwe NexPlayer SDK’s kunnen videoserviceproviders en omroepen videostreaming in 4K-kwaliteit en de meest geavanceerde functies voor al hun apps bieden, door de nieuwste PS- en Xbox Series X-gameconsoles toe te voegen aan de oudere Android- en iOS-apparaten.

De NexPlayer SDK voor PlayStation ondersteunt kritieke functies die niet beschikbaar zijn in de standaard PS5-videospeler, waaronder het invoegen van preroll- en midroll-advertenties die zowel aan de serverzijde als aan de clientzijde kunnen worden weergegeven.

Dezelfde functies voor het invoegen van advertenties zijn beschikbaar in de NexPlayer SDK voor Xbox. Aangezien Microsoft geen standaardvideospeler aan ontwikkelaars aanbiedt, is de NexPlayer SDK van cruciaal belang voor contenteigenaren die via hun OTT-apps inkomsten willen genereren met hun videocontent.

NexStreaming Releases NexPlayer SDK for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox Series X Gaming Consoles

MADRID–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NexStreaming announced today the release of NexPlayer SDK for the Sony PlayStation 5 as well as for the Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming consoles.

These new NexPlayer SDKs allow video service providers and broadcasters to offer 4K quality video streaming and the most advanced feature set across all of their apps, adding the latest PS and Xbox Series X gaming consoles to the legacy Android and iOS devices.

The NexPlayer SDK for PlayStation supports critical features not available in the default PS5 video player, including pre-roll and mid-roll ad insertion that can be served both server-side and client-side.

The same ad insertion features are available in the NexPlayer SDK for Xbox. Since Microsoft doesn’t offer a default video player to developers, the NexPlayer SDK is critical for content owners who need to monetize their video content through their OTT apps.

NexPlayer for PlayStation and Xbox supports the same streaming and playback capabilities as NexPlayer SDK for Android, iOS and web. This includes advanced features such as closed captioning, adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, time-shifting, multiple audio tracks, digital rights management (DRM) support for Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft Playready.

NexPlayer SDK leverages the power of the next-generation hardware inside the PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles to boost the best video quality on large TV screens. NexPlayer SDK is developed in-house, controlled by our engineers, and committed to protecting your user privacy by not collecting or using your end user’s data.

Carlos Lucas, CEO of NexPlayer, comments: “This is a great step in our strategy to help video service providers offer the best video quality across all devices. Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are market leaders and in the living room of millions of families. Our customers will now be able to prepare video apps for those gaming consoles with the same advanced features, video quality and customer support they are used to from NexPlayer.”

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