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Octapharma Group realiseerde in 2019 een sterke groei van zowel omzet als bedrijfsresultaat

  • De gerapporteerde inkomsten van € 2,2 miljard vertegenwoordigen een stijging van € 417 miljoen (23,2%) ten opzichte van 2018
  • Het bedrijfsresultaat van € 424 miljoen vertegenwoordigt een stijging van € 78,6 miljoen (22,7%) ten opzichte van 2018
  • Alle producten presteerden goed, maar hoogtepunten zijn de jaarlijkse groei van de immunoglobulineproductportfolio van de Groep, evenals Nuwiq®, albunorm® en fibryga®

LACHEN, Zwitserland– (BUSINESS WIRE) – In reactie op de resultaten van de Groep zei Octapharma CEO en voorzitter Wolfgang Marguerre: “Octapharma heeft in 2019 een uitzonderlijk sterk resultaat behaald. We hebben een goede groei gerealiseerd in alle drie onze therapeutische gebieden. We bleven aanzienlijk investeren in R&D om de ontdekking en ontwikkeling van nieuwe levensveranderende behandelingen te financieren, evenals in onze plasmacollectiecapaciteiten om de toekomstige leveringen van onze levensreddende producten voor patiënten te verzekeren. Onze nieuwe subcutane immunoglobuline (SCIG), cutaquig®, kreeg in Europa goedkeuring na goedkeuringen in 2018 in de VS en Canada. Het Europees Geneesmiddelenbureau (EMA) heeft een bijgewerkt label goedgekeurd voor onze recombinante factor VIII (rFVIII), Nuwiq®, met gegevens over effectieve bloedingsbescherming met tweemaal per week doseren met behulp van gepersonaliseerde profylaxe. Fibryga® kreeg Europese goedkeuring om verworven fibrinogeengebrek te behandelen, waardoor de eerdere goedkeuring voor gebruik bij patiënten met aangeboren fibrinogeendeficiëntie werd verlengd. Deze goedkeuringen bieden aanzienlijke voordelen voor zowel patiënten als artsen. Op basis van onze bestaande productportfolio en onze ontwikkelingspijplijn is Octapharma goed gepositioneerd om de komende jaren sterk te blijven presteren. ”

Octapharma Group Delivered Strong Growth in Both Sales and Operating Income In 2019

  • Reported revenues of €2.2 billion represent an increase of €417 million (23.2%) on 2018
  • Operating income of €424 million represents an increase of €78.6 million (22.7%) on 2018
  • All products performed well, but highlights are the year-on-year growth of the Group’s immunoglobulin product portfolio, as well as Nuwiq®, albunorm® and fibryga®

LACHEN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Commenting on the Group’s results, Octapharma CEO and Chairman Wolfgang Marguerre said: “Octapharma delivered an exceptionally strong result in 2019. We achieved good growth in all three of our therapeutic areas. We continued to invest significantly in R&D to fund the discovery and development of new life-changing treatments, as well as in our plasma collection capacities to ensure the future supplies of our life-saving products for patients. Our new subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIG), cutaquig®, received approval in Europe following approvals in 2018 in the USA and Canada. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved an updated label for our recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII), Nuwiq® to include data on effective bleed protection with twice weekly dosing using personalised prophylaxis. Fibryga® received European approval to treat acquired fibrinogen deficiencies, extending the earlier approval for use in patients with congenital fibrinogen deficiency. These approvals bring substantial benefits to patients as well as physicians. Based on our existing product portfolio and our development pipeline, Octapharma is well positioned to continue to perform strongly in the coming years.”

The Octapharma Group has delivered a strong performance in 2019. Sales of €2.2 billion represent an increase of €417 million (23.2%) compared to 2018. Furthermore, operating income increased by €78.6 million (22.7%) compared with 2018, to €424 million.

Gross profit in 2019 was €783 million, which is €152 million more than 2018. Despite continued investments in plasma collection and production capacities to fulfil the growing global demand for our products, gross margin increased by 0.3% to 35.4%.

Significant investments were made for the Group’s future prosperity in R&D and into the extension of plasma collection and production capacities. Important milestones in the expansion and utilisation of the plasma and recombinant product portfolio became a reality during the last 12 months. To ensure each litre of plasma is optimally used, the Group will continue to enter new markets and expand its portfolio with innovative new products and services.

Last year our products touched hundreds of thousands of patients globally,” said Roger Mächler, Chief Financial Officer of the Octapharma Group. “Our significant investments in research and infrastructure strongly position Octapharma to fulfil the unmet needs of more healthcare professionals and patients around the world in the coming years.”

The Annual Report 2019 provides a comprehensive overview of the Octapharma Group, including details of corporate governance and the financial results. To download the full Octapharma 2019 Annual Report visit: www.octapharma.com/annual-report.

About Octapharma

Headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma is one of the largest human protein manufacturers in the world, developing and producing human proteins from human plasma and human cell lines. As a family-owned company, Octapharma believes in investing to make a difference in people’s lives and has been doing so since 1983; because it’s in our blood.

At Octapharma, our passion drives us to provide new health solutions advancing human life. This is our vision. We thrive as an organisation in which people take ownership, have integrity, demonstrate grounded and confident leadership, drive sustainability, and are inspired by and eager to embrace entrepreneurship.

We employ more than 9,300 people worldwide to support the treatment of patients in 118 countries with products across three therapeutic areas:

  • Haematology (coagulation disorders)
  • Immunotherapy (immune disorders)
  • Critical care (bleeding management and functional volume replacement)

Octapharma has seven R&D sites and six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and Sweden, in addition to more than 120 plasma centres across Europe and the US. For more information visit: www.octapharma.com


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