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KAL en Česká Spořitelna bereiken wereldprimeur met Kalignite Hypervisor ATM in productie

EDINBURGH, Schotland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – In een wereldprimeur hebben KAL ATM Software en Česká spořitelna de eerste ATM met Windows 10 op een Linux Hypervisor uitgerold.

De nieuwe Kalignite Hypervisor-oplossing van KAL, in samenwerking met Red Hat, is een baanbrekende oplossing waarmee banken kunnen ontsnappen aan afgedwongen, dure en verstorende ATM-hardware-upgrades.

Het maakt gebruik van OS-virtualisatietechnologie om het al lang bestaande probleem van afgedwongen ATM-hardware-upgrades op te lossen en koppelt de ATM PC-kern los van het ATM-besturingssysteem zodat softwarestuurprogramma’s die niet worden ondersteund onder nieuwe Windows-besturingssysteemversies kunnen worden ondersteund door de Linux-stuurprogramma’s in plaats daarvan.

KAL and Česká Spořitelna Achieve World First with Kalignite Hypervisor ATM in Production

EDINBURGH, Scotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In a world first, KAL ATM Software and Česká spořitelna have rolled out the first ATM running Windows 10 on a Linux Hypervisor.

KAL’s new Kalignite Hypervisor solution, in partnership with Red Hat, is a game-changing solution that allows banks to break free from enforced, costly and disruptive ATM hardware upgrades.

It uses OS-Virtualization technology to solve the long-standing problem of enforced ATM hardware upgrades and decouples the ATM PC-core from the ATM operating system so that software drivers that are unsupported under new Windows operating system versions can be supported by the Linux drivers instead.

Česká spořitelna’s ATM Software Innovation product owner, Jakub Otáhal, explains that the end of support for Windows 7, and the accompanying expense and complexity of upgrading ATM hardware and software to Windows 10, prompted the decision to install Kalignite Hypervisor in a pilot production environment.

He said: “KAL’s new solution gives Česká spořitelna control over when to carry out hardware upgrades. This means we can cut costs by keeping to our 10-11 year renewal recycle, rather than being forced to comply with the hardware lifetime. Very importantly, Kalignite Hypervisor also enables us to keep our software right up to date.”

KAL CEO Aravinda Korala added: “We are delighted that Česká spořitelna decided to partner with us to achieve this impressive world first. Kalignite Hypervisor enables Česká spořitelna to stay completely up to date and run the latest versions of all software on their ATMs. Not only does this technology help with the Windows 10 migration, it also allows Česká spořitelna to migrate to new Windows LTSC and SAC upgrades without requiring hardware changes.”

About Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna is the largest bank in the Czech Republic with more than four million clients and the most extensive branch and ATM networks in the country. It provides services for individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, towns and municipalities, and finances large corporations.

Česká spořitelna is proud of its long tradition – it was established in 1825 as the first savings bank in the Czech Republic – but it is equally proud of its role as an innovator. Many of its products and services are leaders in the Czech market. The bank has been a member of the Erste Group since 2000.

For more information, visit www.csas.cz/en/about-us/who-we-are

About KAL

KAL is a world-leading ATM software company and the preferred supplier to mega-banks such as Citibank, UniCredit, ING and China Construction Bank.

KAL’s software gives banks full control of their ATM network, reducing costs, meeting all security needs and improving competitiveness. It is installed and supported in more than 80 countries.

For more information, visit www.kal.com


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