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KAL lanceert Kalignite Hypervisor – een revolutie voor hardware-upgrades geldautomaten

EDINBURGH, Schotland-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Marktleidend softwarebedrijf voor geldautomaten KAL lanceert Kalignite Hypervisor, een nieuw product voor de retailbanksector dat het al lang bestaande, miljarden dollars kostende probleem van gedwongen hardware-upgrades van geldautomaten oplost.

Kalignite Hypervisor gebruikt Red Hat Virtualization om de pc-kern van de geldautomaat te ontkoppelen van het besturingssysteem van de automaat. Dit betekent dat softwaredrivers die onder de nieuwe Windows-besturingssysteemversies niet worden ondersteund, nu door de softwaredrivers van de hypervisor kunnen worden ondersteund.

KAL Launches Kalignite Hypervisor – a Game-Changer for ATM Hardware Upgrades

EDINBURGH, Scotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Market-leading ATM software company KAL is launching Kalignite Hypervisor, a game-changing new product for the retail banking industry that solves the long-standing, billion-dollar problem of enforced ATM hardware upgrades.

Kalignite Hypervisor uses Red Hat Virtualization to decouple the ATM PC core from the ATM operating system. This means software drivers that are unsupported under new Windows operating system versions can now be supported by the hypervisor’s software drivers instead.

The Kalignite Hypervisor breaks the straitjacket of unsupported hardware when migrating ATMs to Windows 10. It gives banks the freedom to upgrade software and hardware at a time that suits them. Better still, it is not only a solution for today. OS upgrades are set to happen more frequently in the future in the form of Windows LTSC and SAC packages ‒ which Microsoft plan to release regularly – resulting in hardware obsolescence occurring at a quicker pace. Not only is Kalignite Hypervisor important when migrating to Windows 10, it will become essential when managing these new software upgrades.

KAL CEO Aravinda Korala said: “Kalignite Hypervisor solves the upgrade conundrum. It eliminates the need for enforced hardware upgrades caused by Windows upgrades. Banks can stay completely up to date and run the latest versions of all software on their ATM network – bringing them freedom at last from the enforced hardware upgrade cycle, and allowing them to focus on enhancements that matter to their customers.”

Red Hat Cloud Platforms vice president of products Joe Fernandes said “Using open, software-defined virtualization platforms like Red Hat Virtualization, banks are able to manage the upgrade cycles for their hardware and software separately. This gives them greater flexibility and control over the process and enables them to be more strategic in how they upgrade their ATM PC cores.”

Kalignite Hypervisor is available to banks directly from KAL. Alternatively, banks can ask their current software vendor about an OEM version of the KAL product. This is specially designed with open APIs for ATM hardware and software vendors that wish to integrate KAL’s hypervisor technology with their own software stacks.

About KAL

KAL is a world-leading ATM software company and the preferred supplier to world mega-banks such as Erste, ING, Citibank, UniCredit, HSBC and China Construction Bank. KAL’s software gives banks full control of their ATM network, reducing costs and improving speed to market.

For more information, visit www.kal.com

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