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Seoul Semiconductor SunLike-serie Natural Spectrum LED’s aangenomen door het Britse verlichtingsmerk WILA voor mensgerichte verlichting in kantoor- en onderwijsgebouwen

OXFORD, England-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), een belangrijke wereldwijde innovator van LED-producten en technologie, kondigde aan dat WILA Lighting, specialisten in gepersonaliseerde verlichtingsoplossingen, behorende bij The Nordeon Group met thuisbasis in Oxfordshire, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs gaan gebruiken voor voor Visic®, de nieuwe productlijn van WILA.

WILA heeft Visic® ontwikkeld, een uniek vormgegeven plafondinbouwarmatuur met een mensgerichte lichtplanning die nauw aansluit bij het spectrum van natuurlijk zonlicht. De technologie verlaagt de blauwe lichtpiek tot een niveau dat vergelijkbaar is met de spectrale curve van het zonlicht, om zo de bij conventionele LED’s gebruikelijke verspreide reflectie en verblinding te verminderen.

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Adopted by British Lighting Brand WILA for Human-Centric Lighting in Office and Educational Buildings

OXFORD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that WILA Lighting, specialists in personalised lighting solutions, part of The Nordeon Group, based in Oxfordshire, UK, has adopted Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs for Visic®, WILA’s new product range.

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Visic® with SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs (Graphic: Business Wire)

Visic® with SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs (Graphic: Business Wire)

WILA has developed Visic®, a uniquely shaped recessed ceiling luminaire, which features a human-centric lighting design closely matching the spectrum of natural sunlight. The technology lowers the blue light peak to be similar to sunlight’s spectral curve in order to reduce scattered reflection and glare common in conventional LEDs. This result is achieved with SunLike Series LEDs, an advanced lighting technology that promotes well-being by creating a more healthy and productive working environment in offices and educational buildings.

Visic® is an aesthetically attractive ceiling luminaire with its textured surfaces and soft contours. The luminaire is easy to install with a tool-less plug and play installation. Customised options are also available. The range is extremely efficient, operating up to 162 Llm/W, with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) that achieves low glare UGR<19 rated in accordance with International Commission on Illumination (CIE) discomfort glare evaluation system. This will enable lighting designers to meet even the most challenging design requirements.

Seoul’s SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs have been identified as a key light source for promoting human well-being, based on the results of a recent comprehensive sleep study conducted by Prof. Christian Cajochen and his team at the University of Basel in Switzerland. The paper, entitled: “Effect of Daylight LED on Visual Comfort, Melatonin, Mood, Waking Performance, and Sleep,” was published in the Journal of Lighting and Research Technology on March 24, 2019. Quoting from the paper: “We have evidence that a daylight [natural spectrum] LED solution has beneficial effects on visual comfort, daytime alertness, mood, and sleep intensity in healthy volunteers.”

Light sources with SunLike Series LEDs more accurately show the colour of objects as they would appear in natural sunlight. Optimised to natural light spectra and colour rendering of CRI-97 (close to CRI-100 of sunlight), and higher than the CRI-80 of conventional LEDs, SunLike Series LEDs deliver significant benefits in vivid colour, contrast detail, and quality of light consistency.

The SunLike Series LEDs have also achieved the highest level of eye safety certification from the International Commission on Illumination as an RG-1 level light source with no photo-biological risks.

“As the paradigm of lighting shifts to human-centric lighting, there is an increasing demand for healthy light sources for people who spend a lot of time indoors,” said Carlo Romiti, Europe sales Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor. “Beyond the function to illuminate the darkness, light sources with SunLike Series LEDs certainly bring differentiated value to the lighting industry, compared to conventional LEDs.”

Seoul Semiconductor developed SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs in collaboration with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R spectrum technology in 2017 as the first LED light source to closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight.

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