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Octapharma presenteert nieuwe gegevens over management van mensen met hemofilie A of Von Willebrand-ziekte op ISTH 2019

LACHEN, Zwitserland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nieuwe wetenschappelijke gegevens over de Hematology-portefeuille van Octapharma zullen op het komende 27e congres van de International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) worden gepresenteerd. Het congres vindt plaats in Melbourne, in Australië, van 6 tot 10 juli 2019.

Vijf abstracts zijn geaccepteerd voor posterpresentatie op het congres. De presentaties bevatten gegevens uit praktijkervaring met Nuwiq® (simoctocog alfa) of octanate® voor de uitroeiing van remmers bij patiënten met ernstige hemofilie A en remmers, evenals met wilate® als profylaxe bij patiënten met de ziekte van Von Willebrand. Daarnaast zullen het ontwerp en de huidige status van twee nieuwe onderzoeken worden gepresenteerd: het Protect-NOW-onderzoek, waarin het gebruik van FVIII in niet eerder behandelde en bij minimaal behandelde hemofilie A-patiënten in een realistische setting wordt onderzocht, en de MOTIVATE-studie, die de veiligheid en werkzaamheid van ‘standaardzorg’ ITI met nieuwe ITI-benaderingen die FVIII combineren met emicizumab, of emicizumab-profylaxe alleen, bij patiënten met hemofilie A en remmers zal onderzoeken en documenteren.

Octapharma to Present New Data on Management of People with Haemophilia A or von Willebrand Disease at ISTH 2019

LACHEN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– New scientific data on Octapharma’s Haematology portfolio will be presented at the upcoming 27th Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), taking place in Melbourne, Australia, from 6 to 10 July 2019.

Five abstracts have been accepted for poster presentation at the Congress. The presentations include data from real-world experience with Nuwiq® (simoctocog alfa) or octanate® for inhibitor eradication in patients with severe haemophilia A and inhibitors, as well as with wilate® as prophylaxis in patients with von Willebrand disease. In addition, the design and current status of two new studies will be presented: the Protect-NOW study is investigating the use of FVIII in previously untreated and minimally treated haemophilia A patients in a real-life setting, and the MOTIVATE study will document and compare safety and efficacy of ‘standard of care’ ITI with novel ITI approaches combining FVIII with emicizumab, or emicizumab prophylaxis alone, in patients with haemophilia A and inhibitors.

All abstracts are available from the ISTH website (https://www.isth.org/news/457341/ISTH-2019-Abstracts-Now-Available-Online.htm). The titles of the posters, and the date and time of presentation, are provided below.

  • Thirteen years of clinical experience with immune tolerance induction (ITI) using a plasma-derived FVIII containing von Willebrand factor (pdFVIII/VWF) in Russia. Poster PB0732, Monday, 8 July 2019, 18:30–19:30
  • Safety and efficacy of pdVWF/FVIII in patients with von Willebrand disease undergoing prophylaxis: results from a non-interventional multicentre study. Poster PB0808, Monday, 8 July 2019, 18:30–19:30
  • PRactical Utilisation of Octapharma FVIII Concentrates in Previously Untreated and Minimally Treated Haemophilia A Patients Entering Clinical Treatment with Nuwiq®, Octanate® or Wilate® – The Protect-NOW Study. Poster PB1448, Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 18:30–19:30
  • Immune Tolerance Induction with Simoctocog Alfa in Nine Patients with Severe Haemophilia A and FVIII Inhibitors. Poster PB1459, Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 18:30–19:30
  • MOdern Treatment of Inhibitor-PositiVe PATiEnts with Haemophilia A (MOTIVATE) – an international observational study. Poster PB1406, Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 18:30–19:30

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