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Process Systems Enterprise: gPROMS FormulatedProducts 1.4 Inclusief verbeterde mogelijkheden voor het koppelen van digitaal ontwerp aan digitale bewerkingen

Release bevat nieuwe mogelijkheden die voortvloeien uit een ADDoPT-project van 20,4 miljoen euro

LONDON-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), de Advanced Process Modelling company, heeft vandaag versie 1.4 van gPROMS FormulatedProducts uitgebracht, de mechanistische modelgebaseerde omgeving voor geïntegreerd digitaal ontwerp van producten met robuuste formules en hun fabricageprocessen, evenals hun digitale procesbesturing die hiermee samenhangt.

Deze release introduceert belangrijke verbeteringen aan zowel de gPROMS FormulatedProducts modelbibliotheken als het onderliggende gPROMS platform 6.0, inclusief morfologische kristallisator- en sensormodellen voor het vastleggen van de deeltjesgrootte en -vorm evolutie, verbeterde continue directe compressiemodellen en verbeterde natte granulatiemodellen.

Process Systems Enterprise: gPROMS FormulatedProducts 1.4 Includes Enhanced Capabilities Linking Digital Design to Digital Operations

Release Includes New Capabilities Resulting From £20.4m ADDoPT Project

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), the Advanced Process Modelling company, today released version 1.4 of gPROMS FormulatedProducts, the mechanistic model-based environment for integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes, and related digital process operation.

This release introduces major enhancements to both the gPROMS FormulatedProducts model libraries and the underlying gPROMS platform 6.0, including morphological crystallizer and sensor models to capture particle size and shape evolution, enhanced continuous direct compression models and improved wet granulation models. Platform enhancements include support for cluster computing, to significantly speed up execution of parameter estimation and other complex numerical solutions, and comprehensive global system analysis of dynamic systems for rapid exploration of the time-varying decision space and systematic risk and uncertainty analysis.

Version 1.4 also introduces two key usability enhancements: the ability to launch gPROMS FormulatedProducts Utilities from within the flowsheeting environment to quickly and easily configure material systems, and a user interface for rapid configuration of gPROMS FormulatedProducts models for use in Perceptive Engineering’s PharmaMV for digital operation applications.

Many of the platform and library enhancements in the new release were enabled through the financial support of and collaborative activities within the PSE-led ADDoPT project (www.addopt.org). These enhancements were showcased on 28 March at the ADDoPT Digital Design event, which included presentations from AstraZeneca, GSK, and Pfizer on the application of mechanistic models for digital design and operation of formulation and manufacturing processes.

Sean Bermingham, VP Formulated Products at PSE, said: “This release constitutes a major improvement in terms of both capability and usability for mechanistic model-based digital design and digital operation, which will enable users across the formulated product industries to design more robust products and processes, increase R&D efficiency and reduce risk in innovation and technology transfer.”

PSE continues to lead innovation in advanced process modelling capabilities for the pharmaceuticals, food & dairy, consumer products and specialty chemicals sectors. Through the support of the ADDoPT project and the Systems-based Pharmaceutics Alliance, by leveraging its experience in the energy and chemicals sectors, and via support of academic research and collaborative R&D initiatives, the company has created first-in-pharma mechanistic modelling tools, methodologies and workflows for both digital design and digital manufacturing.

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