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SCG Chemicals Company kiest voor gPROMS-modellering voor digitaal ontwerp en werking

Volgende-generatie-instrumenten helpen innovatie te versnellen, concurrentievoordeel te creëren

LONDON-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), het bedrijf Advanced Process Modelling Company, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het een langetermijnovereenkomst heeft ondertekend met SCG, een van de grootste geïntegreerde petrochemische bedrijven in Zuidoost-Azië, om de gPROMS® -modelleringstechnologie van PSE voor digitaal ontwerp en digitale operaties te standaardiseren.

SCG past geavanceerde procesmodellen toe binnen digitale ontwerpinitiatieven om de procesbeslissingsruimte snel en effectief te verkennen, om zo de onzekerheid te verminderen en betere, snellere en veiligere ontwerp- en operationele beslissingen te nemen. Dit helpt hen om de innovatie te versnellen en het ontwerp en de werking van hun procesinstallaties te optimaliseren.

SCG Chemicals Company chooses gPROMS modelling for digital design and operations

Next-generation tools help accelerate innovation, create competitive advantage

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), the Advanced Process Modelling company, today announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with SCG, one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in South East Asia, to standardise on PSE’s gPROMS® modelling technology for digital design and operations.

SCG applies advanced process models within digital design initiatives to explore the process decision space rapidly and effectively, in order to reduce uncertainty and make better, faster and safer design and operating decisions. This help them to accelerate innovation and optimise the design and operation of their process plants.

Dr Suracha Udomsak, SCG’s Emerging Business Director and R&D Director, says, “at SCG Chemicals, advanced process modelling (APM) is a key element in our Digital Manufacturing platform. APM accelerates innovation by making the development workflow ‘faster, cheaper & safer’, which are key considerations for us. It is a core technology building block that enables us to discover and develop new products – for example, new-generation polyethylene – and accelerate their time to market”.

PSE’s gPROMS is widely used throughout the chemicals, energy, petrochemical, food and pharmaceuticals sectors to accelerate innovation and optimise existing operations. Its key advantages are the ability to represent complex processes to a high degree of predictive accuracy using high-fidelity multi-scale models. These can then be used in large-scale process and plant optimisation to maximise economics, and for systematic exploration of the decision space to reduce risk and uncertainty. The new gPROMS Digital Applications Platform now makes it possible also to implement high-fidelity models online for monitoring, forecasting and optimisation, to generate value from day to day.

Says Mr Surachate Chalothorn, SCG’s Process Technology Director, “We apply modelling in three main areas: Operational Excellence, for process optimisation and debottlenecking; in new product development, in order to speed up development and reduce risks in plant trials; and in technology development, to provide a virtual lab for pilot testing.”

James Marriott, head of PSE’s Energy & Chemicals division, said “we are very pleased to be working with innovators like SCG, where the next-generation modelling capabilities that we have to offer can really make a difference.”

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