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Oral-B’s NIEUWE AI-Brush weet meer over poetsstijlen dan wie dan ook op deze planeet

De NIEUWE Genius X, gelanceerd op MWC 2019, is het resultaat van duizenden poetsstijlen om de uwe te perfectioneren

CINCINNATI-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Oral-B, de innovatieleider in connected brushing en Oral-Care, onthult op de MWC 2019 zijn doorbraak in de nieuwe Artificial Intelligence Brush GENIUS X, en presenteert zijn visie voor de toekomst, waar intelligente tandheelkundige en gezondheidsmanagement tools zullen leiden tot een langer en gezonder leven. Oral-B stelt zich een wereld voor waarin gezondheidsmonitoring een aanvulling vormt op de dagelijkse mondhygiëneroutine van consumenten en hen in staat stelt om volledig over hun gezondheid te waken.

Oral-B: De innovatieleider onthult zijn toekomstige visie op gezondheid bij MWC

De mond is de poort naar gezondheid – en een tandenborstel heeft twee keer per dag contact met de mond. De toekomstvisie van Oral-B is dat mensen langer en gezonder zullen leven door middel van gebitsverzorging thuis.

Oral-B’s NEW AI-Brush Knows More About Brushing-Styles Than Anyone on The Planet

The NEW Genius X, launched at MWC 2019, has learned from thousands of brushing styles to perfect yours

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Oral-B, the innovation leader in connected brushing and Oral-Care, unveils at the MWC 2019 its breakthrough new Artificial Intelligence Brush GENIUS X, and presents its vision for the future, where intelligent dental & health management tools will lead to a longer, healthier life. Oral-B envisions a world where health monitoring complements consumers’ daily oral health routine and allows them to take care of health comprehensively.

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Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence has learned from thousands of brushing patterns, recogn ...

Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence has learned from thousands of brushing patterns, recognizing the user’s style instantly. (Photo: Business Wire)

Oral-B: The innovation leader unveils its future vision for health at MWC

The mouth is the gateway to health – and a toothbrush touches it twice a day. Oral-B’s future vision is that humans will live longer and healthier through dental care at home. Stephen Squire, Oral-B’s global Brand Director, says: “Imagine: What if a future dental device could tell all you need to know about personal health, and could connect directly with your dental and health professional whenever it’s needed, seamlessly, and as early as possible?” Oral-B envisions a future that will allow people to undertake at-home health monitoring as part of their daily oral care routine, arming them with real-time feedback to enable diagnosis and prevention. Squire: “The Biometric Health Tracker concept is our idea of a 360-degree health platform, designed to improve oral and overall health. It is not a finished product. It is a vision that shall further enable pioneering work between dental professionals, external researchers and Oral-B scientists alike. Together, we want to explore the endless opportunities connected Oral-Care devices can deliver.

NEW Oral-B GENIUS X – Oral-B’s gateway into the future

Oral-B continuously innovates every year to achieve its vision. This year, Oral-B makes a step further to more intelligent dental devices with the NEW Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence. It is Oral-B’s most advanced brush to date. Designed with dental professionals, it does something completely new: It combines the knowledge of thousands of human brushing behaviors to assess individual brushing styles and coach users to achieve better brushing habits. The AI technology tracks where people are actually brushing in their mouth and offers personalized feedback on the areas that require additional attention, for better oral health.

NEW Oral-B GENIUS X – meaningful innovation makes it dentist’s darling

Oral-B’s research with dentists has shown that innovation is successful when it is simple and easy to use. GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence tech works seamlessly, without having to change your brushing habits or style. It operates in the background. It is so unique because it has learned from thousands of different brushing styles: “Every patient is unique, that is why we are looking for solutions that adapt to the individual. Oral-B gives patients an excellent and personalized brushing experience, without having to change the way they brush to achieve their best oral health result. This makes it a real breakthrough,” says Prof. Dr. Ralf Rössler from the University for Digital Technologies in Dentistry & Medicine in Luxembourg. GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence is the first step towards the future, where intelligent devices use data analytics and turn a dental device into the most important element in people’s everyday health routines. Attendees at MWC will be the first to experience Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence and the brand’s future vision.

NEW Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence completes the Oral-B line-up of toothbrushes with a round brush head, helping everyone to brush at their best:

In 2019, Oral-B offers a portfolio where everyone finds the best and most innovative product for his/her special needs:

    1. Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence, knows how users brush and helps them improve their oral health. Like a fingerprint, Oral-B knows that everyone’s brushing technique is unique. It has learned from thousands of brushing patterns.
    1. Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence features a new, sleek and modern travel case that charges both the brush and a USB device, such as a smartphone, to make traveling with an electric toothbrush easier than ever.
    1. Oral-B continues to pioneer connected toothbrushes that help coach and motivate brushers of all ages and backgrounds through the Oral-B App, including the Oral-B Funzone and the Disney Magic-Timer App.
    1. On average people brush between 30 and 60 seconds – even though they think they do 2 mins. With the App, Oral-B brought the average brushing time to 2 mins and 22 seconds – longer than your dentist recommends.
    1. Oral-B’s best toothpaste, Gum & Enamel Repair, helps you to prevent future issues.
    1. Oral-B Teen, Junior and Kids brushes are putting the fun back in brushing.

For more information about Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence, visit https://www.oralb.co.uk/en-gb/product-collections/genius-x.

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