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Smartphonisation hervormt het bankwezen. De verzekering komt eraan, zegt nieuw onderzoek van PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

LONDEN—(BUSINESS WIRE)– Een nieuwe PTOLEMUS-studie heeft uitgewezen dat minder dan 6% van alle autoverzekeringnemers wereldwijd actief gebruik maken van de mobiele app van een verzekeraar. Dit komt overeen met 50 miljoen bestuurders of de helft van de gebruikers van mobiel bankieren in de VS.

Gebaseerd op het overzicht van 245 verzekeringsapps wereldwijd, ontdekte de Mobile Insurance Global Study dat slechts 45% van de topverzekeraars basisbedrijfsdiensten aanbieden (inclusief verzekeringsID, dekkingsdetails en betalingen).

PTOLEMUS stelt dat verzekeraars en makelaars hun mobiele strategie dringend moeten hervormen in het licht van:

Smartphonisation is reshaping banking. Insurance is next, says new research from PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A new PTOLEMUS study has found that less than 6% of all auto insurance policyholders worldwide actively use an insurer’s mobile app. This corresponds to 50 million drivers or half of US mobile banking users.

Based on the review of 245 insurance apps worldwide, the Mobile Insurance Global Study discovered that only 45% of the top insurers offer basic corporate services (including insurance ID, coverage details and payments).

PTOLEMUS argues that underwriters and brokers must urgently reform their mobile strategy in the face of:

  • Smartphones becoming the number 1 platform to interact with customers and connect their data to underwriter’s digital insurance systems,
  • Insurance moving from a standard yearly purchase to an on-demand, transaction-based service thanks to tens of insurtechs like Cuvva, Lemonade, Neosurance, Trov and Wilov,
  • New players such as Amazon, Samsung and car manufacturers now entering the market with digital offers.

PTOLEMUS’ new report also reveals how smartphonisation will radically impact insurance distribution, offering, processes and risk management.

“Smartphones are the black swan of the insurance market. They will make both digital insurance and UBI mainstream, faster than we all expect. Apps will accelerate the switch from manual processes and personal service to automated processes and personalised services”, said Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director.

In over 600 pages of analysis, the Mobile Insurance Global Study offers:

  • A quantified assessment of the insurance app market based on over 100 interviews and PTOLEMUS’ 9-year consulting experience in the domain,
  • Impact assessment of the key trends in mobile insurance,
  • A step-by-step guide to developing your mobile strategy,
  • A competitive analysis of 26 leading insurers’ strategies, 30 apps and 15 vendors worldwide,
  • Forecasts of the mobile usage-based insurance market from 2018 to 2025.

A free abstract with the executive summary can be downloaded from www.ptolemus.com

For more facts and figures from the study’s qualitative and quantitative analysis, please contact Thomas Hallauer, Marketing & Research Director, on thomas@ptolemus.com

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