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Nordson EFD introduceert nieuw toedieningssysteem uit RV Serie met 4 assen en intelligent zicht

RV Series met speciale software en geïntegreerde CCD-camera zorgt voor intuïtieve programmering en snellere opzet van eenvoudige en complexe toedieningspatronen op onderdelen waarvoor een draaiende kop noodzakelijk is. 

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nordson EFDeen bedrijf van Nordson  (NASDAQ: NDSN) en wereldwijd toonaangevend in precisiesystemen voor vloeistoftoediening, introduceert een nieuwe geautomatiseerd toedieningssysteem voor de RV Series met 4 assen. Het systeem bevat de gepatenteerde software DispenseMotion™ en een volledig geïntegreerde intelligente camera voor accurate vloeistoftoediening en aansturing. Die kan dankzij het draaivlak van 360-graden vanuit iedere hoek.

De zicht-gestuurde robots van Nordson EFD maken voor hun automatische toediening gebruik van merktekens. Daarnaast compenseren ze kleine verschuivingen in de oriëntatie en locatie van het werkstuk. DispenseMotion vergelijkt de actuele locatie van een werkstuk met een referentielocatie die als afbeelding is opgeslagen.   Als de robot ook maar de kleinste afwijking op de X- of Y-as of de draaihoek signaleert, past het systeem automatisch het toedieningstraject aan om de afwijking te corrigeren. Daarmee is dit systeem ongeëvenaard accuraat


Nordson EFD Releases New RV Series 4-Axis Automated Dispensing System with Smart Vision

Featuring specialized dispensing software and an integrated CCD camera, the RV Series provides intuitive programming for faster setup of simple to complex dispensing patterns on parts that require a rotating dispense head

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nordson EFDa Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN) and the world’s leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, introduces the new RV Series 4-axis automated dispensing system. The system features proprietary DispenseMotion™ software and a fully integrated CCD smart vision camera for best-in-class fluid placement accuracy and control at any angle along the 360° rotational plane.

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Nordson EFD's 4-axis RV Series automated dispensing robot provides simplified programming with a sma ... Nordson EFD’s 4-axis RV Series automated dispensing robot provides simplified programming with a smart vision camera and proprietary fluid dispensing software. (Photo: Business Wire).

Nordson EFD vision-guided dispensing robots use fiducial marks to automatically offset the dispense program and compensate for slight shifts in workpiece orientation or location. DispenseMotion software compares the current workpiece location to a reference location that is stored as an image file in the program. If the robot detects even the smallest difference in the X and Y positions and/or the angle of rotation of the workpiece, it automatically adjusts the dispensing path to correct for the difference. This allows it to achieve greater positional accuracy.

The RV Series software features a unique setup wizard that simplifies dispense tip-to-camera and dispense tip-to-workpiece offsets for faster setup and operation. It also features a powerful CCD camera that captures high-definition images for on-screen preview and confirmation of the dispensing path. When paired with proprietary dispensing software, the camera makes the dispensing robot extremely easy to program. The 4-axis RV Series also delivers exceptional positional repeatability at +/- 0.008 mm.

“EFD’s DispenseMotion software allows for faster setup due to its ease of use and the introduction of the setup wizard,” said Johnathan Titone, Product Line Specialist – Automated Dispensing Systems, Nordson EFD. “The integrated CCD camera allows you to see your dispensing path as you set the coordinates and parameters. We designed the 4-axis RV Series as a direct response to our customers’ growing need to be more productive by increasing throughput and first-pass yields.”

In addition, the RV Series features dispense tip alignment capability and true three-dimensional motion control to ensure the most precise fluid deposit placement, every time. Faster cycle and batch times and reduced material costs are just a few of the ancillary benefits that help manufacturers achieve better bottom-line profitability.

For more information, visit Nordson EFD on the web at nordsonefd.com/RVSeriesfacebook.com/NordsonEFD, or linkedin.com/company/nordson-efd, email at info@nordsonefd.com, or call +1 401.431.7000 or 800.556.3484.

About Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD designs and manufactures precision fluid dispensing systems for benchtop assembly processes and automated assembly lines. By enabling manufacturers to apply the same amount of adhesive, lubricant or other assembly fluid to every part, every time, EFD dispensing systems are helping companies in a wide variety of industries increase throughput, improve quality, and lower their production costs. Other fluid management capabilities include high-quality syringe barrels and cartridges for packaging one- and two-component materials, along with a wide variety of fittings, couplers and connectors for controlling fluid flow in medical, biopharmaceutical and industrial environments. The company is also a leading formulator of specialty solder pastes for dispensing and printing applications in the electronics industry.

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson engineers, manufactures, and markets differentiated products and systems used for dispensing and processing adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants and biomaterials; and for managing fluids, testing and inspecting for quality, treating surfaces and curing. These products are supported with extensive application expertise and direct global sales and service. We serve a wide variety of consumer non-durable, consumer durable and technology end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, building and construction, and general product assembly and finishing. Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, the company has operations and support offices in more than 30 countries. Visit Nordson on the web at nordson.comtwitter.com/Nordson_Corp or facebook.com/nordson.

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