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Scientist.com and PhenoVista Launch World’s First Digital Storefront Offering Research Services for the Biotech Industry

Complex phenotypic studies can be designed, purchased, and managed through the online shop

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharma industry’s leading research marketplace, and PhenoVista, a life sciences services company developing and implementing multiplexed, high content imaging-based phenotypic assays for target validation, lead optimization, and mechanism of action studies, have launched the biotech industry’s first digital eShop for exploring and purchasing phenotypic studies.

The digital storefront makes it easy for scientists to design complex research projects, get feedback from PhenoVista’s experts, determine pricing, and then purchase and manage projects. What previously could require hours of face-to-face meetings or video calls can now be accomplished online in much less time. The Shopify-like virtual store was created by Scientist.com and is designed to make it as easy to purchase complex assay services as it is to buy products and reagents.

“Today, almost half of the $240B spent annually on drug research is performed by companies like PhenoVista that offer highly technical and specialized custom assay services,” said Kevin Lustig, PhD, CEO and Founder at Scientist.com. “With the launch of PhenoVista’s online store, researchers get more immediate access to their services and expertise, allowing them to accelerate crucial experiments and benefit from the use of data-rich phenotypic studies.”

There are significant advantages offered by high-plex phenotypic studies across the entire R&D workflow as compared to conventional, low-plex in vitro assays.

“High-stakes decision making is at the heart of R&D, and uncertainty about targets, mechanisms of action, and whether to advance or abandon candidate compounds is the norm,” said James G. Evans, CEO and Founder of PhenoVista. “With expertise in high-content imaging-based phenotypic studies, we deliver the biological insights and high-quality data needed to inform and de-risk these decisions. We are excited to leverage the marketplace experience established by Scientist.com to create our virtual storefront and bring added convenience to researchers in the biotech industry.”

The virtual storefront can be accessed at https://store.phenovista.com/.

About Scientist.com

Scientist.com is a privately held San Diego-based company on a mission to make it faster and cheaper to discover new medicines. At its heart is an AI-powered marketplace that helps drug researchers use innovative technologies to rapidly translate their ideas into actionable data. Through Scientist.com, scientists communicate directly with research experts at over 4,000 global laboratories to design and execute complex research experiments. Visit scientist.com to learn more.

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About PhenoVista

Founded in 2014, PhenoVista is a leader in the development and implementation of multiplexed, high content imaging-based phenotypic assays for biopharmaceutical clients. These assays deliver the high-quality, quantitative data needed to inform and de-risk critical R&D decisions with greater confidence. Clients gain access to novel insights related to the complex biology underlying target validation, therapeutic delivery, efficacy and safety, cytotoxicity, and mechanisms of action, increasing the likelihood of success of first-in-class drug candidates. To learn more, visit our website www.phenovista.com or see us on LinkedIn.


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