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The New B2Core v4 – Modern Interfaces and Revamped Designs

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The renowned CRM and back-office solution, B2Core, has released a new update to its service, including interfaces, designs, and functions. The new launch, dubbed B2Core V4, comes with renewed back-end and front-end structures that simplify the user journey and improve customer experience. Let’s go through them in detail.

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The renowned CRM and back-office solution, B2Core, has released a new front-end update that brings user experience to the next level. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The renowned CRM and back-office solution, B2Core, has released a new front-end update that brings user experience to the next level. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Upgraded Dashboard

The new update focuses on providing more customisation and simplifying the user’s experience. Therefore, a new command bar was added on the left side of the dashboard to control the interface and widgets, quickly access links and modify the layout.

Users can now easily track their financial activities and navigate the apps and tabs smoothly.

With more options to adjust the interface according to personal preferences, the dashboard becomes more interactive, intuitive, and straightforward.

New Front-End Architecture

A new programming architecture was implemented in the new B2Core version. The component-based approach makes it easier to conduct and release new changes to the platform without a prolonged development process.

This new paradigm is done by creating a unified components library with standardised interface building blocks that can be added and altered easily.

This provides a smoother navigation for the users and more up-time for the platform to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

Better Wallet and Funds Control

Users can now utilise the new functionality bar on the right-hand side by clicking on the wallet to explore more tools and functionalities to control and manage their operations, financial activities and accounts.

Adjustments were implemented to the Transaction History page, allowing users to categorise and organise their recent activities more easily and efficiently.

Users can now carry out various operations, such as deposits, withdrawals, internal withdrawals, exchanges and transfers within the centralised Transaction Operations Module.

More Integrations

The new B2Core update can now onboard the soon-to-come B2Trader, an advanced brokerage platform offering a seamless and straightforward trading experience.

Additionally, B2Core powers integrations with B2BinPay as a reliable payment processor and gateway, making crypto transactions more accessible. Besides that, clients can enjoy extensive liquidity solutions provided by the prime liquidity provider, B2Broker, with around 1,000 financial instruments across eight asset classes.

With that being said, B2Core’s new update focuses on a centralised ecosystem that gives users all the means and tools to engage in successful financial sessions.

Simplified Profile View

More changes were introduced to the Profile area, where users can access their profiles from the top of the page and explore a wide array of tools to adjust their accounts and view their security settings.

The registration process has been improved and is now more seamless, while the log-in experience was reworked to make it safer and simpler. Additionally, users can now save previous activities, such as withdrawals, to make it easier for them to conduct repetitive transactions and transfers.

Other Improvements

That’s not everything from the new B2Core V4 update. Other adjustments and changes were introduced to these areas:

  • Introducing Brokers Dashboard – More filters and options were added to create reports and manage promotions for better insights and control.
  • Customer Service Helpdesk – The chat functionality has been improved, making it more transparent by adding the support schedule and enhancing the ticket management experience.
  • Mobile App Onboarding – Users can now utilise a valuable onboarding process on the mobile app, allowing them to set up their accounts seamlessly.
  • Bonus Page – A new, dedicated page has been designed for the bonus system, with tools to navigate through active subscriptions and promotions to view and control ongoing bonus systems.
  • Interface Transition – Users can now smoothly change between the mobile and desktop experience with a scannable QR code. Also, an interface toggle has been added to switch between the old and new interfaces.


This new update is part of a series of product updates and introductions the company is releasing to meet and exceed user expectations. Very recently, B2Core announced a major integration of cTrader in the iOS app to elevate the customer experience and trading options.

There is definitely more to expect from the ongoing efforts to develop the most interactive and custom CRM platform, and the new B2Core V4 is a great example!


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