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Cognite Announces Beta Launch of Generative AI-Powered Remote Operations Control Room for Celanese Clear Lake Facility

OSLO, Norway & AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, today announced the beta launch of a generative AI-powered Remote Operations Control Room (ROCR) at the Celanese facility in Clear Lake, Texas. Celanese, a global chemical and specialty materials company, plans to use the ROCR to deliver full visibility into the real-time operation of its sites worldwide, thereby expediting workflows and gaining operational insights orders of magnitude more efficiently.

Built on top of Cognite Data Fusion®, the leading Industrial DataOps platform, and leveraging Cognite AI, the most comprehensive AI capabilities for industry, the ROCR provides a centralized view of Celanese’s contextualized industrial data, regardless of source and type, alongside a deterministic generative AI Copilot. This allows Celanese to find cross-data source insights to understand and solve safety, reliability, and quality risks across the operation in real time.

“Our people are at the center of our digital transformation and everything we do is centered around making their work more impactful. By integrating generative AI into a Remote Operations Control Room, Cognite will increase visibility to our site leaders and their teams and enable a multitude of possibilities – from monitoring equipment performance to enhancing root cause analysis to streamlining and enhancing our processes,” said Brenda Stout, vice president of Acetyls Manufacturing at Celanese.

The ROCR consists of eight product status screens and dashboards, including Flawless Day KPIs, live production data, reported incidents, a video live stream, energy consumption cost, a 3D model view of the site, maintenance information, and Cognite’s Copilot. The ROCR meets three critical goals in Celanese’s transformation to a Digital Plant of the Future:

  • Unit Stewardship: Celanese production site leaders and their teams can converse with the Cognite Copilot using voice commands to learn about the current state of overall key metrics in areas of health, safety and environment, quality, reliability, and energy, among others, as well as have the ability to drill down for further insight.
  • Digital Workers: An AI-powered workflow enables field workers to more rapidly and easily address issues; and it increases the rate at which unstructured observations – as well as attempts to troubleshoot – are captured as structured data and reported to the ROCR via a mobile device.
  • Escalation and Remediation: As part of an AI-assisted mitigation strategy, the ROCR provides active engagement with any situation in the field while the Cognite Copilot supports the process of investigating by providing additional context and automatically generating work orders when needed.

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