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Adtran expands Mosaic One subscriber solutions with Intellifi® for next-generation in-home Wi-Fi

News summary:

  • CSPs need a tool that enables them to manage and monetize residential Wi-Fi networks
  • Intellifi® gives CSPs comprehensive control of the in-home Wi-Fi experience and unlocks new revenue opportunities
  • New cloud-based system also boosts customer satisfaction and builds subscriber loyalty

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Adtran today expanded its Mosaic One subscriber solutions with the launch of Intellifi®. This cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for communication service providers (CSPs) equips them with the tools to effectively monitor, manage and monetize residential Wi-Fi networks. Until now, it was challenging for CSPs to scale to the full potential offered by residential Wi-Fi. Intellifi® resolves this problem and effectively enables CSPs to provide customers with an effortless, always-on in-home mesh Wi-Fi experience while at the same time lowering opex costs and creating new revenue opportunities.

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Adtran’s Intellifi® solution ushers in a new era of revenue opportunities for residential Wi-Fi. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Adtran’s Intellifi® solution ushers in a new era of revenue opportunities for residential Wi-Fi. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Our Intellifi® solution is a significant milestone for CSPs and completely redefines in-home Wi-Fi. Until now, monitoring and controlling residential Wi-Fi networks was complex and costly. Resolving basic issues required time-intensive support and expensive truck rolls. It was a financial drain rather than a financial opportunity. Intellifi® puts an end to these problems,” commented Eric Presworsky, GM of residential solutions at Adtran. “Intellifi® transforms what’s possible with in-home Wi-Fi networks. By giving CSPs the tools and insights they need to effectively manage these systems, we’re not only providing them with the opportunity to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty, but we’re also presenting them with whole new revenue potential.”

Intellifi® is composed of several key building blocks. Intellifi® MeshView is a cloud-hosted portal that enables CSPs to manage and optimize in-home Wi-Fi experiences. From self-identifying issues to remotely resolving them, Intellifi® MeshView empowers frontline customer support representatives and technical support staff. The Intellifi® mobile app is an intuitive end-user tool that enables subscriber self-installs and offers enhanced controls for personalized in-home Wi-Fi. These include access to detailed network status, parental controls and device management, all in an easy-to-use and intuitive format that helps build a loyal subscriber base. The final element is Adtran’s multigigabit service delivery gateways (SDGs) and mesh satellites. Collectively, these components deliver a seamless, secure and hassle-free in-home Wi-Fi service.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Intellifi® can be deployed within a CSP’s network in less than a day and decreases subscriber install times to a matter of minutes. The highly reliable system offers uninterrupted connectivity even during cloud management outages. With Triband mesh satellites, Intellifi® delivers true Gigabit throughput across the home, 50% higher capacity mesh backhaul and four times lower latency for enhanced gaming performance. Intellifi® also reduces costs by up to $1,000 per truck roll through its virtual field technician feature, and its overall TCO is up to 20% lower over five years compared to other vendors. What’s more, Adtran’s pricing model with a single bill for all SaaS services provides customers with complete transparency and peace of mind.

“We’ve been testing Adtran’s Intellifi® solution for several months and there can be no question that it’s going to have an enormous impact on our business. For a long time, we’ve been unable to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by in-home Wi-Fi. But Intellifi® fixes that for us,” commented Will Fogle, VP of Pierce Telecom. “It solves three key problems. Firstly, it provides our customers with an easy way to manage their mesh Wi-Fi networks. Secondly, it gives us a way to quickly troubleshoot and remotely remedy issues that arise. Thirdly, it opens the door to new revenue opportunities. Until now, it was hard to monetize residential Wi-Fi. Not anymore.”

Adtran’s Intellifi® solution is generally available now.

Further information on Intellifi® is available in these slides.

A solution brief can also be downloaded.

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