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China Trading Desk Launches Comprehensive China Travel Dashboard Amid Rising Outbound Travel

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– China Trading Desk, a premier provider of marketing and advertising solutions for the Chinese market, is proud to announce the release of our game-changing tool – the China Travel Dashboard. Built to provide unparalleled insights into the evolving attitudes, expectations, and behaviours of outbound travellers from China, this dashboard is born out of our deep understanding of the Chinese market, a sector that has witnessed a remarkable upward trajectory in recent years.

Our newly launched China Travel Dashboard is designed to act as a compass, helping our clients navigate the complexity of this dynamic market. The dashboard brings a treasure trove of critical information to your fingertips, transforming it into a must-have tool for formulating and executing digital marketing campaigns aimed at Chinese tourists.

Here’s a quick overview of the unique modules the China Travel Dashboard encompasses:

  1. Travel Sentiment: This module features an exhaustive quarterly survey helmed by China Trading Desk, assessing the travel inclinations of potential Chinese outbound travellers, thereby providing a snapshot of emerging trends.
  2. Pre-Trip: Developed in partnership with VariFlight, this module delivers real-time travel data including daily airport traffic flow from all airports in China to a selected group of 25 countries around the world, providing a glimpse into preferred destinations.
  3. In-Trip: Partnering with UnionPay, this module offers an exclusive window into Chinese tourists’ spending patterns and preferences while they’re immersed in their travel experiences.

Subramania Bhatt, Founder & CEO of China Trading Desk, stated, “We are thrilled to bring this comprehensive tool to our esteemed clients. The China Travel Dashboard is a solid reflection of our relentless commitment to staying on the cutting edge of providing data that’s most relevant for our advertisers and agencies. As the outbound travel market in China continues to expand, we are confident this tool will prove to be indispensable in aiding businesses and advertisers to effectively understand, reach, and engage with Chinese tourists.”

The dashboard’s data allows businesses to formulate personalized marketing strategies, optimize ad scheduling, undertake destination marketing, predict upcoming trends, and facilitate product development. Notably, several renowned brands including a global luxury conglomerate and the world’s largest hospitality chain, have beta-tested the Dashboard and acclaimed it as the most comprehensive tool to understand Chinese travel insights and behaviour.

For more information visit the China Travel Dashboard.

About China Trading Desk:

China Trading Desk is a marketing technology company enabling brands & agencies to help advertise in China & across the world. Our suite of products focuses on China advertising and Chinese travellers and enables advertisers to effectively reach out to their target audience. CTD works with some of the world’s most pioneering brands including Singapore Airlines, HSBC, LVMH Group, Qatar Airways, etc. We are headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and affiliates in Dubai, London and New York.


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