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After the Great Success Achieved in the United States and Canada, DEKA Launches Three Extraordinary Laser and Microwave Platforms at the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore

The new “PRO” line has been presented, the result of the creativity and concreteness of the leader company in the aesthetics market

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– DEKA, a subsidiary of the El.En. Group, a company listed on the Eurostar Next of the Italian Stock Exchange (ELN.MI), specialized in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge Energy Based Devices for Aesthetics and Surgery, has announced the launch of its new “PRO” line, based on laser and microwave devices, at the 25th WCD Congress (World Congress of Dermatology), which will be held in Singapore from July 3 until July 8.

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The new PRO Line by DEKA (Photo: DEKA)

The new PRO Line by DEKA (Photo: DEKA)

DEKA, after the great success achieved in the United States and Canada with its proprietary epilation systems, for face rejuvenation and non-invasive body shaping, presents the Again PRO, RedTouch PRO and Onda PRO platforms to the market.

With these new solutions DEKA transforms traditional aesthetic medicine, dermatology and non-invasive body shaping paradigms, steering them towards new application frontiers.

Riccardo Stocchi – The company’s Innovation Manager has stated: “The PRO line is another example of DEKA’s ability to create innovation, bringing high-level breakthrough technologies onto the market that create enormous benefits for both operators and patients. DEKA has invested a lot in research and development and on clinical research, obtaining extraordinary results. It has also worked on machine design and on software usability, as well as on the innovative graphic interfaces, which are absolutely intuitive and user-friendly”.

Paolo Salvadeo, DEKA’s CEO and El.En.’s General Manager, echoes him by adding: “The three new PRO line solutions are a dream come true. The organizational model, the engineering capabilities, the teamwork, the passion with which we daily bring our projects forward, together with DEKA’s technology, confirm a constantly present focus on physicians’ needs and on their patients’ expectations. We never stop and we shall continue to innovate in the future as well”.

In the growing category of non-invasive systems and energy-based procedures, epilation holds the most prominent position.

With specific regard to DEKA’s three latest innovations, Again PRO revolutionizes the technological base of its predecessor, “Again”, recipient of the 2022 AMWC Award in the “Best laser, light and energy-based device” category. With Again PRO a new opportunity is available: the epilation of the thinnest and fairest hairs. What adds up to this if the enhancement of the Moveo modality, which is having enormous success in the United States because it is a technology indicated for the treatment of dark skins and it is appreciated for its high level of patient comfort. The Again PRO platform, a combination of Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers, is strongly optimized also for vascular treatments, superficial pigmented lesions and for skin rejuvenation. Directly from the USA instead we have the “Moveo GLO” treatment, which works within the same session, on photo ageing and on vascular and pigmentary problems of the face. A “3 into 1” treatment with “GLO(w)” effect.

The newest Onda PRO is experiencing the same success that the “PGWTM” (Precision GigaWave) Technology is having in the US. With it, DEKA is treating several celebrities worldwide with its proprietary ONDA platforms, literally revolutionizing the non-invasive body shaping treatment paradigm, working on cellulite, localized adiposity (submental fat included) and skin laxity by means of selective and controlled microwaves. The uniqueness of Onda PRO is now enhanced with the addition of the third handpiece, “POCKET”, which works on the face and produces a powerful lifting effect combined with a strong toning of the skin. “From the first session the system produces a tightening and lifting effect on the cheeks and other areas of the face. “Never seen anything like this before”, says Dr. Joseph SeokBae Seo, an expert South Korean dermatologist.

Another important innovation is RedTouch PRO, the only laser device in the world able to interact directly on collagen fibers (it emits powerful fractional coherent red light beams @ 675 nm) which allows us to achieve very important results in non-ablative rejuvenation treatments for chrono and phot ageing, in a much faster and painless manner, as well as on spots, melasma and on the creation of new collagen. The revolutionaryReLiveprotocols, for younger people skin care, and “Moveo RED”, also suitable for darker skin types, also in InMotion modality, are associated with RedTouch PRO.

RedTouch PRO is absolutely complementary and synergistic with volumetric filler treatments.

About DEKA M.E.L.A.

DEKA M.E.L.A. is a subsidiary of the large multinational EL.EN. Group, which has over 40 years’ experience in the laser world.

The Florence-based Italian company has its roots in a culture that has made excellence of thought its predominant feature. Thanks to its invaluable cultural heritage and unique historical background, DEKA’s vision holds a promise of universal value: To turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for doctors and patients and to translate every technological innovation into continuous improvement of its product range and services for the enhancement of people’s quality of life.

DEKA means attainment of perfection and excellence and it is a “10”, the perfect number according to the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.


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