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Endospan Announces Initial Experience with the Custom-Made NEXUS DUO™ Aortic Arch Stent Graft System

HERZLIYA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Endospan, a pioneer in endovascular repair of aortic arch disease, announces the initial experience with its custom-made NEXUS DUO™ Aortic Arch Stent Graft System. Prof. Th. Bisdas, from the Athens Medical Centre, presented the multicentric European experience of the first ten patients treated with NEXUS DUO at the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) on June 8th, 2023.

The NEXUS DUO is custom-built based on each patient’s anatomy and physician’s preferences. The NEXUS DUO is built on the clinically established technology of the NEXUS® Aortic Arch Stent Graft System (D’Onofrio et al. Three-year Follow Up of Aortic Arch Endovascular Stent-Grafting with the NEXUS device. Results from a Prospective Multi-Centre Study EJCTS, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1093/ejcts/ezac561).

NEXUS is designed to mitigate stroke risks and provide high procedural success.

Prof. Th. Bisdas stated, “Ten patients were successfully treated with clinical outcomes in line with NEXUS single branch. Aortic arch pathologies often require a tailored solution for each complex anatomy. The NEXUS DUO provides many anatomical variations while optimizing the treatment.”

Prof. M. Lachat from Hirslanden Klinik Zurich, Switzerland, added, “The NEXUS DUO’s second branch channel allows transfemoral introduction of all stent grafts necessary for complete endovascular arch repair, with minimal manipulation of supra-aortic vessels. Latter mitigating significantly the stroke risk.

“Our experience with the NEXUS in Europe and the U.S. TRIOMPHE IDE study both validate the need for an endovascular aortic arch solution,” says Kevin Mayberry, CEO of Endospan. “The NEXUS DUO expands the NEXUS platform. The current single branch NEXUS is off-the-shelf and available for patients requiring urgent life-saving treatment. The NEXUS DUO gives physicians more options for less urgent cases to treat the most complex aortic arch anatomies.”.

Open surgical aortic arch repair maintains high mortality and morbidity rates. Over 120,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe have thoracic aortic arch disease each year, but only about 25% receive diagnosis or treatment. Patients at high risk for surgery or with complex anatomy often lack treatment options. The NEXUS and NEXUS DUO systems provide a minimally invasive alternative, reducing procedure and hospitalization times.

For more information on NEXUS, please visit www.endospan.com.

CAUTION: The NEXUS® Aortic Arch Stent Graft System is an Investigational Device – Limited by United States law to investigational use. The NEXUS DUO™ Aortic Arch Stent Graft is a custom-made device based on the existing NEXUS® Aortic Arch Stent Graft System, a CE-marked endovascular branch system for the aortic arch.

About Endospan

Privately held Endospan, headquartered in Herzilya (Tel Aviv), Israel, is a pioneer in the endovascular repair of aortic arch disease, including aneurysms and dissections. Endospan’s NEXUS DUO™ Aortic Arch Stent Graft, a custom-made device, and NEXUS® Aortic Arch Stent Graft System, the first endovascular off-the-shelf system with a CE Mark, are available to treat a vastly underserved group of patients diagnosed with a dilative lesion in or near the aortic arch. While minimally invasive endovascular repair has been the standard of care for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Aortic Arch Disease patients with aneurysms or dissections have not been as fortunate and have had little choice but to undergo open-chest surgery with its invasiveness and risks, lengthy hospitalization periods, and prolonged recovery.

For additional information about Endospan, visit their website at www.endospan.com.


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