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Unveiling M²: Empowering Brands, Builders and Users to Unleash the Potential of Virtual Worlds

An unparalleled ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies, services, and standards, to redefine the way we experience digital realms, interoperability and ownership, and foster metaverse entrepreneurship

LONDON & PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today marks the official launch of M², an exciting moment when we unveil the ambition, shape and activation of our groundbreaking project. We are also pleased to announce a series of forthcoming partnerships with key business and technology partners. Finally, we are today granting early access to disruptive tools for builders, enabling them to kickstart the M² community.

M² is an ecosystem of technologies, services, and standards powering a network of interconnected metaverses. By offering a foundation for novel experiences, asset sharing, and interaction across diverse metaversal experiences, M² fosters a vibrant community of businesses, builders, and users alike.

Unlocking new rich large scale experiences, ownership, interoperability and new business models in the Metaverse.

M² brings forth a paradigm-shifting breakthrough in business models by enabling and leveraging ownership and interoperability. This development reshapes the creation and value of sophisticated digital assets, giving companies the autonomy to establish and operate their worlds within an ‘internet of metaverses’ while content creators enjoy the potential of sharing their creations across multiple dimensions and environments. This dynamic ecosystem thrives on the abundance of rich experiences and assets, propelling the metaverse into an era where possibilities are boundless. Notably, industries such as sports, fashion, and culture stand to benefit greatly, as M² fuels creativity and fosters unprecedented engagement.

While the eventual integration of immersive technologies like VR and XR is on the horizon, M²’s disruptive journey commences with novel experiences across diverse platforms.

Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable, said: “The metaverse is a network of meaningful worlds, objects, identities and experiences that build on each other and the real world in ways that create experiential, cultural or economic value. We are proud to bring M² to light building upon our work to overcome obstacles of density and scale, but more importantly we see this ecosystem as one that has the potential to bootstrap a system much bigger than any one company or individual metaverse, based on a digital commons which can let many efforts find success and share value equitably based on contribution. M² initiates a radically different and novel business model, where ownership and interoperability work together, and creates an environment where creativity flourishes alongside the growth of economically viable businesses within a shared space.”

Cornerstones of M²’s vision

The project builds on key ingredients from web3 and the gaming industry and takes inspiration from the architecture of the internet and web technologies to realize the potential inherent in an ecosystem of collaborating metaverses.

  1. There must exist a technical foundation that supports new experiences consumers want, overcoming existing limitations in concurrency, interactivity and accessibility. This is enabled by breakthroughs in networking, rendering, audio technology, bandwidth compression and more.
  2. These experiences need to be able to add value to each other through seamless technical interoperability of people, goods and services.
  3. An economic framework is needed which allows many parties, technology providers, content creators, metaverse operators and individual users to both be incentivised to contribute value and be able to create credible investable businesses without value solely accruing to the underlying network. The network should be an enabling utility and not a monopolistic gatekeeper.
  4. A governance approach that is practical, business orientated and brings confidence to all network participants that their interests will be protected while also decentralizing appropriate parts of the network to bring the benefits of resilience and stability that the best web3 projects have.

M²’s goals

M² is the ambitious attempt to fill in the promise of the metaverse, creating a place that is experientially, culturally and economically enriching for its users.

– A network of metaverses with a lot of people and a lot of different activities and experiences, so enabling differentiated high-scale experiences;

– A network of metaverses that is open and provides interoperability in between worlds for people and objects, while guaranteeing integrity of those identities and virtual objects;

– A network of metaverses that is attractive for businesses, amplifies the potential of interoperability and ownership, and enables a cross-metaversal economy;

– A network of metaverses which is a development space for builders and content creators, providing them with easy to use tools and low cost experimentation;

– And last but not the least, a network of metaverses that is accessible, where anyone with basic computing hardware or mobile devices can access immersive experiences and contribute to metaverse content creation, unlocking opportunities for billions who cannot attend real-life events, meet their idols, or collaborate within large online communities.

Empowering brands, builders, service providers and users

A variety of stakeholders are involved in M², benefitting at multiple levels of the potential unleashed.

Metaverse owners, large brands and businesses willing to invest into a metaverse project, providing them with:

  • Faster time to market through the M² Platform;
  • Fully self-sovereign experiences;
  • Business continuity through multiple service providers and federated services;
  • Increased asset and experience value through interoperability.

Content creators, providing them with:

  • A Metaverse Mark-Up Language stack and services for content portability enabling higher value objects;
  • Access to a broad user base due to movement of people;
  • Business stability through multiple service providers and federated services.

Service providers, who will come enhance the capabilities and optionalities of the network, with:

  • New revenue streams by providing services to the metaverses present on the network;
  • Share growth in the M² Network.

Network participants, willing to experience and create in the metaverse:

  • Cross-metaverse experiences;
  • Ownership of purchased items;
  • A trusted environment across metaverses due to high standards and technologies provided by the network.

Building with the community

M² aims at gathering a community around its ambition, achieving greater feedback on its approach, technology and tools, and establishing valuable partnerships.

Today some key features are being released to this community, notably the open-sourcing of MML, a Metaverse Mark-Up Language first demonstrated at the end of April, and a test environment called Construct, to experiment and publish content.

In addition, the Improbable and M² organizations are regularly launching events, roughly weekly, to experiment with different content ideas and partners and the community is welcome to test and contribute to those.

Leading technology partners

M² benefits from the support of leading players in the areas of cloud infrastructure, cloud pixel streaming, and video & audio technologies to enable unique, highly qualitative, easily accessible and seamless experiences in the metaverse. These include Nvidia, Google Cloud, Ubitus and Dolby.


M² has currently achieved its phase 1, setting up the foundations, validating key technology, establishing partnerships, and running test events.

In its phase 2, starting today, M² wants to expand beyond content tested by Improbable and initial partners and provide access to the builder community, giving it access to disruptive tools to foster new experiences. This means open-sourcing certain tools like the Metaverse Markup Language, allowing developers to build Metaversal Objects that can live in any world on the network, but also opening a free space, ‘the Construct’ for builders to experiment with the technology and public metaversal objects and to test different business ideas. Phase 2 will also see initial metaverse launches from early adopters among key partners. Later phases will enable and incentivise a cross-metaverse economy through shared commercial structures and the free movement of people and objects. And make M² autonomous and federated in its evolution and operation.

M² is led by the founders of Improbable.

To read the technical litepaper, go on msquared.io.

About MSquared

M² is an ecosystem of interoperable metaverses, connecting together brands and businesses, creators and fans, powered by a network of technologies and services bringing spectacular experiences to life at unprecedented scale and enabling a crossworld economy. Msquared.io

About Improbable

Improbable is a metaverse technology company that has been at the forefront of building virtual worlds for over a decade, for gaming and entertainment companies or public institutions. We believe that the metaverse is an opportunity for communities to connect and exchange at a larger scale, and can have a positive social, economic and political impact in the real world.



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