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TYAN Accelerates AI, HPC, Cloud, Storage Workloads With New Platforms Featuring 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors at Computex 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TYAN®, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and a subsidiary of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation, showcases its latest HPC, cloud and storage platforms at Computex 2023, Booth #M0701a in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30 to June 2. These platforms are powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which highlight built-in accelerators to improve performance across the fastest-growing workloads in AI, analytics, cloud, storage, and HPC.

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TYAN's new server platforms accelerate computing and AI inferencing workflows with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Photo: Business Wire)

TYAN’s new server platforms accelerate computing and AI inferencing workflows with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Photo: Business Wire)

“As organizations seek to scale up, drive down costs, and deliver new services, it’s more critical than ever for technology to deliver business value,” said Eric Kuo, Vice President of the Server Infrastructure Business Unit at MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation. “TYAN’s server platforms, built around 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, offer a powerful foundation for solving business challenges while providing features that enhance resource utilization and power efficiency.”

Accelerate computing and AI inferencing workflows

The Thunder HX FT65T-B7130 and Thunder HX FT65T-B5652, both are rackmount-convertible pedestal servers built for deskside HPC workbench applications. The FT65T-B7130 supports dual processors, 16 DDR5 RDIMM slots, two double-wide PCIe 5.0 x16 slots for high-performance GPU card deployment, eight 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch SATA hot-swap tool-less drive trays for data storage. An onboard NVMe M.2 port provides the option to deploy a low-latency boot drive. The FT65T-B5652 is packed with a single processor, eight DDR5 RDIMM slots, four PCIe 5.0 x16 slots for double-wide professional GPU cards, six 3.5-inch SATA, two NVMe U.2 hot-swap tool-less drive trays, and an NVMe M.2 port. These pedestal servers are suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

The Thunder HX TS75A-B7132 is a dual-socket 2U server platform with support for 32 DDR5 RDIMM slots and five PCIe 5.0 slots that is ideal for high-performance in-memory computing and virtualization applications. The platform provides two onboard LAN options, dual 10GbE or dual GbE, one OCP v3.0 LAN mezzanine slot, and two NVMe M.2 ports. The TS75A-B7132 accommodates ten 2.5-inch SATA and sixteen NVMe U.2 drive bays for high I/O throughput requirement in data streaming applications.

Improve compute performance for data centers

TYAN’s Thunder CX GC68A-B7136 and GC79A-B7132 are 1U dual-socket cloud servers designed to meet high-performance computing requirements in data centers. Both systems share several common specifications, including two full-height PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, one OCP v3.0 LAN mezzanine slot, and two NVMe M.2 ports.

The GC68A-B7136 features twelve 2.5-inch drive bays that support eight NVMe U.2 and four SATA devices. It also offers 16 DDR5 RDIMM slots. This platform is a cost-effective choice for high IOPS compute applications. The GC79A-B7132 is an all-flash server with up to twelve 2.5-inch NVMe U.2 drive bays and 32 DDR5 RDIMM slots. It is well-suited for workloads requiring high CPU cores and memory capacity, such as virtualization and in-memory database applications.

Hybrid storage to provide flexibility with performance

Both Thunder SX TS70-B7136 and TS70A-B7136 are 2U dual-socket software-defined storage servers featuring 16 DDR5 RDIMM slots, five PCIe 5.0 slots, one OCP v3.0 LAN mezzanine slot, and two NVMe M.2 ports. The TS70-B7136 provides high-capacity storage with twelve 3.5-inch SATA drive bays supporting up to four NVMe U.2 devices. Additional two rear 2.5-inch SATA drive bays for boot drive deployment. The TS70A-B7136 is optimized for high data I/O throughput with twenty 2.5-inch drive bays, including ten SATA, eight NVMe U.2 front drive bays and two rear-access SATA bays.

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