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BVK Technology Launches OTC Courier Delivery Box Solution and Showcases Key-less Locks for Safes, Cabinets, Doors and Gates at MWC Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– BVK Technology, global leader in key-less locks and physical access management, announced today that it will launch the new One Time Code courier delivery box solution together with its sister company, Aladdins Cloud, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The OTC delivery solution can be used by couriers and retailers or delivered as part of the company’s Fast and Locked courier service.

As consumer demand for online purchases and home deliveries increases, the requirement for fast, secure, personal and hygienic delivery grows. The last mile delivery customer experience is critical for retailers and couriers to differentiate themselves.

With OTC delivery, the courier delivers the goods in a customised parcel, secured with a key-less Bluetooth lock. The consumer uses a personal One Time Code with their mobile app to open the box. The lock only unlocks if the consumer, the address and time of delivery are correct. All last mile delivery activities are recorded to resolve any potential disputes.

“We are excited to hear positive feedback from retailers and couriers about how the OTC delivery box improves the last mile delivery consumer experience,” said Kursat Kurt, CEO & Founder, BVK Technology. “They are convinced that the OTC box will help them make every delivery as special, unique and important as the person receiving it.”

BVK will demonstrate its latest key-less locks including the Bluetooth Latch, Padlock and OTC access management solutions at MWC. BVK’s safe locks, cabinet locks, door locks and padlocks can be used in any industry that requires highly secure, cost-effective access management.

“Our smart locks eliminate the need for handling and managing physical keys,” added Kursat. “Being able to centrally manage users, schedules, access points and locks results in significant annual operational cost savings, greater efficiency, improved security and reduced carbon footprint.”

BVK and Aladdins Cloud will showcase their solutions in Hall 5, Stand 5F61.

Company profiles

BVK Technology is the global leader in Physical and Digital Access Management and ATM card fraud prevention.


Aladdins Cloud, founded in 2022, specialises in secure, personalised last mile delivery hardware and software solutions.


Fast and Locked is a new OTC last mile delivery service.



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