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TV Gardener & Chartered Horticulturist, David Domoney Highlights the Best Time to Do Gardening Jobs Using Power Tools

YORK, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– David Domoney highlights the ever-growing garden trend of manicuring. Keeping a neat and tidy garden is important, especially with the rise in popularity of outdoor entertaining. From trimming hedges and edges of lawns to cleaning your patio for a pristine garden, choosing the right tool for the job is crucial. With so much choice in the market, selecting powered garden tools to make the job of garden manicuring both easy, professional and all importantly, fun is a hot topic. In partnering with Yard Force®, David Domoney hopes to encourage people into their gardens and highlight the right time to do specific green preening tasks in the year. Utilising the tools at the right time of the year ensures you get the most out of them as well as making sure your garden is in the best shape.

David said, “By selecting the right tool for the job, it enables you to get the task at hand done most effectively and efficiently, so you have more time to spend enjoying a beautiful garden. In learning when is best to trim hedges, mow the lawn and general garden maintenance, we make time in the garden so much more enjoyable whilst protecting garden wildlife. It opens doors to learning new gardening techniques that will become part of regular gardening routines for a well-cared-for garden.”

Yard Force® is an internationally recognised brand with years of industry experience and knowledge.

David continues, “Giving people access to a better gardening experience is always a good thing; with practical advice on making the most of their garden and the tools necessary to give great results with little effort. The more we can do using professional electric-powered equipment at the right time of year, leaves us more time to enjoy the garden.

I want to make the tasks in the garden both rewarding and fun and using practical power tools that take the hard work out of garden maintenance. The range of cordless products and battery-share technology makes the range hassle-free, convenient, and a more sustainable option for beginners and keen gardeners alike. Within Yard Force’s 40V range, there is the Cordless Lawnmower, Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer which are really innovative products that showcase game-changing technology.”

The partnership between David Domoney and Yard Force continues to encourage budding gardeners and virtuosos to get outside and give their gardens the best care. Through instructive videos, demos, gardening tips and fantastic giveaways, the knowledge and expertise will promote the range and how to get the most from the tools.

Notes to Editors:

David Domoney:

David Domoney is a seasoned gardening television broadcaster and currently presents on ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’, ‘Love Your Weekend’ and is also the gardening presenter for ITV’s ‘This Morning’. He is a winner of 30 RHS Medals with two Best in Show category trophies and the Prince Edward Award for Horticulture Excellence. David is also known for pioneering campaigns Cultivation Street as well as Illumination Street, brightening up Britain’s streets at Christmas. David also writes a gardening column for Grow Your Own magazine.


Yard Force UK:

Yard Force are excited and proud to announce that we have partnered with seasoned gardening television presenter David Domoney to endorse our range of innovative, durable and high-performance garden power tools.

David is best known for presenting ITV’s most popular Gardening Show ‘Love your Garden’ and is also the resident gardening presenter for ITV’s flagship daytime show ‘This Morning’.

David’s 40 years’ of experience in horticulture and dynamic enthusiastic character made him the perfect choice to collaborate with to help endorse our innovative and quality lead products.

Introducing a household name to represent our brand instils the confidence we have in our products and their performance. David says:

Like anything in the garden, once you know how, it becomes so easy. In learning how to look after our gardens properly, using power tools where needed, we make time in the garden so much more enjoyable and open doors to learning new gardening techniques and having access to a healthy and well-cared-for garden.”

We will be working closely with David throughout the year to produce top gardening tips for you to use around the garden, create some instructive videos designed to encourage you and your family to get back outside and exciting GIVEAWAYS featuring chosen products. To be in with the chance of winning and accessing these great promotions we have created a dedicated promotional code which will enable you to receive discounts and added extras all year round! All you need to do is:




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