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Koolstof monitoring en het genereren van inkomsten Start-up Everimpact sluit ronde van € 1,7 miljoen af

PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Everimpact, een start-up op het gebied van klimaattechnologie opgericht door voormalige VN-execs en met hoofdkantoor in Station F (Parijs), sluit een startfinancieringsronde van € 1.711 miljoen af, ondersteund door toonaangevende VC’s, zakelijke ondernemingen en instellingen om koolstof beter te meten emissies en geven steden en grote uitstoters toegang tot klimaatfinanciering om impactvolle klimaatprojecten te financieren.

De ronde, geleid door Motion ventures, omvat internationale organisaties, transportbedrijven en impact investeerders; Europese Commissie (Climate-Kic en EIT Urban Mobility), Asian Development Bank (ADB Ventures), VC’s en CVC’s van transportbedrijven (Wilhelmsen, Transport Capital, IMC Ventures, MOL PLUS, Blue Star Group) en Impact investeerders (Rainmaking Impact).

Carbon Monitoring and Monetisation Start-Up Everimpact Closes €1.7M Round

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Everimpact, a Climate tech start-up founded by former UN execs and headquartered at Station F (Paris), closes a €1.711M seed funding round backed by leading VCs, corporate ventures and institutions to better measure carbon emissions and allow cities and high emitters to access climate finance to fund impactful climate projects.

The round, led by Motion ventures, includes international organizations, transport companies and impact investors; EU Commission (Climate-Kic and EIT Urban Mobility), Asian Development Bank (ADB Ventures), Transport Companies’ VCs and CVCs (Wilhelmsen, Transport Capital, IMC Ventures, MOL PLUS, Blue Star Group) and Impact investors (Rainmaking Impact).

While greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been increasingly under scrutiny in the past years, they are mainly self-reported by emitters, based on estimates and updated once a year at best.

Everimpact’s carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform allows cities and organisations to measure GHG emissions more accurately and in real time, thanks to satellite, ground sensors, and AI data.

Everimpact also certifies carbon emissions and sequestration data to allow cities and industries to better identify reduction opportunities and access carbon finance to fund projects with a demonstrable climate impact.

The start-up is already working with the cities of Dijon (France) with EDF and British cities – in partnership with BT – to monitor and monetise their emissions. Several other cities from the Net Zero City initiative have expressed interest since attracting funding into transport, waste and building decarbonisation is key to successfully implement City Climate contracts. In Japan, Everimpact is partnering with Hitachi Systems to monitor carbon sequestration in municipal forests.

The backing of Everimpact by maritime and supply chain leaders also involves an engineering collaboration aiming at installing its solution onboard vessels to accurately measure their emissions and get access to carbon markets to finance decarbonisation.

This will help the shipping industry accelerate its decarbonisation while complying with significant changes in its environmental regulation such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator rating kicking in 2023 and the inclusion of maritime emissions in the EU Emissions Trading Systems in the next two years.

The funding will be used to expand carbon monitoring and monetisation capabilities in cities at a global level and expand the shipping measurement solution currently trialed on a Mitsubishi Corporation Group vessel and available through an Early Adopter Program.

Mathieu Carlier, CEO and Founder at Everimpact

“Cities and high emitters have a crucial role to play to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world. Thanks to Everimpact’s innovative carbon tracking system, they are now able to move away from estimates to monitor their carbon footprint in real time, identify the best opportunities to cut emissions, and access new funding for their decarbonisation projects. We’re excited to partner with leading global organisations and investors to accelerate our development.”

Nicklas Viby Fursund, General Partner of Motion Ventures said: “Bringing together those from the public and private sector with the most influence on maritime and global supply chains is unprecedented. The pairing of the engineering collaboration and strategic capital is not just a milestone for Everimpact but a proof point for a consortium approach to innovation.”

About Everimpact

Everimpact helps cities and businesses accurately measure their greenhouse gas emissions, identify opportunities to reduce emissions, and finance required investments through the carbon markets.

While most cities and businesses report GHG emissions based on estimates, Everimpact IoT software combines satellite, ground sensors, and AI data to precisely measure emissions in real-time.


Contact for further information – Everimpact (everimpact.com)
Marie Geneste, Chief Marketing Officer


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