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LabVantage Solutions lanceert versie 8.8 van zijn vlaggenschip LIMS-platform

—Meerdere voortdurende verbeteringen zorgen voor verbeteringen in nauwkeurigheid, snelheid, bruikbaarheid en beveiliging om gebruikers meer kracht, betrouwbaarheid en waarde te bieden—

SOMERSET, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LabVantage Solutions, Inc., de toonaangevende leverancier van oplossingen en diensten voor laboratoriuminformatica, waaronder speciaal gebouwde LIMS-oplossingen waarmee laboratoria sneller en tegen lagere totale kosten live kunnen gaan, heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van versie 8.8 van zijn toonaangevende LabVantage LIMS-platform.

LabVantage 8.8 bevat meerdere verbeteringen in elk element van het platform. Samen verbeteren ze de nauwkeurigheid, snelheid, bruikbaarheid en beveiliging van de LIMS-componenten van LabVantage, waaronder het geïntegreerde elektronische laboratoriumnotitieboekje (ELN), het laboratorium uitvoeringssysteem (LES), het wetenschappelijke gegevensbeheer systeem (SDMS) en geavanceerde analyses.

LabVantage Solutions Launches Version 8.8 of its Flagship LIMS Platform

Multiple Ongoing Enhancements Provide Improvements in Accuracy, Speed, Usability and Security to Deliver More Power, Reliability and Value to Users—

SOMERSET, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LabVantage Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services, including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, today announced the launch of version 8.8 of its industry-leading LabVantage LIMS platform.

LabVantage 8.8 includes multiple enhancements throughout every element of the platform. Together, they improve the accuracy, speed, usability, and security of LabVantage’s LIMS components, including its integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), scientific data management system (SDMS), and advanced analytics.

“LabVantage 8.8 exemplifies our dual commitment to both major upgrades to our flagship LIMS platform and to continuous improvements, with the goal of providing our customers with an ever easier, safer, smarter, more flexible and more reliable system that enables the digital transformation of their laboratory,” said Mikael Hagstroem, Chief Executive Officer at LabVantage Solutions. “Over the past several years, we have added major components to our LIMS platform, including options such as SDMS, artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics, and validated enterprise SaaS. Complementing these is our continuing attention to strengthening every aspect of the user experience, as is evident in version 8.8. For example, our new intelligent laboratory approvals substantially improve the speed and efficiency of data reviews, helping our large and diverse customer base advance towards the smart lab of the future.”

LabVantage 8.8 is available to support the more than 1500 global customer sites in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, biobank, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, genetics/diagnostics, forensic, and healthcare industries that rely on the LabVantage platform.

Notable among the many improvements and enhanced capabilities in LabVantage 8.8 are the following:

  • Intelligent Approvals – This new capability uses rules-based AI to streamline and speed data reviews. Reviewing large volumes of data in the LIMS is time-consuming and cumbersome. Version 8.8 enables manual approvals by exception only, allowing automatic approvals when there are no exceptions. This new feature allows users to increase the speed and efficiency of their operations against the backdrop of an ever-increasing data load.
  • Automatic Redo Calculations – Users may forget to manually re-calculate values, which affects not only final, but intermediate calculations, and can have a multi-level downstream effect on accuracy. The enhanced feature automatically triggers re-calculation when a reference is modified, allowing users to focus on the task at hand, while improving accuracy and data quality.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity – LabVantage 8.8 provides enhanced security against OWASP Top 10 threats, and includes 3rd party certification of testing. A widely accepted standard for web application developers, OWASP Top 10 represents a broad consensus about critical cybersecurity risks. These additional safeguards incorporated in LabVantage 8.8 represent further improvements to security, providing greater peace of mind to users.
  • Accessibility – As part of ongoing efforts to better serve all of its customers, LabVantage 8.8 contains features for improved compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, Section 508, intended to facilitate access to the platform for users who have visual or other accessibility problems. The improved version of LabVantage Portal now has a certification of WCAG compliance, documenting a number of new features that provide increased accessibility.

LabVantage is known for its exceptional customer service and the LabVantage Professional Services team is ready to help users maximize the value of the version 8.8 enhancements.

For more information on LabVantage LIMS 8.8 click here, or email info@labvantage.com.

About LabVantage Solutions

A recognized leader in enterprise laboratory software solutions, LabVantage Solutions dedicates itself to improving customer outcomes by transforming data into knowledge. The LabVantage informatics platform is highly configurable, integrated across a common architecture, and 100% browser-based to support hundreds of concurrent users. Deployed on-premise, via the cloud, or SaaS, it seamlessly interfaces with instruments and other enterprise systems – enabling true digital transformation. The platform consists of the most modern laboratory information management system (LIMS) available, integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), scientific data management system (SDMS), and advanced analytics; and, for healthcare settings, a laboratory information system (LIS). We support more than 1500 global customer sites in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, biobank, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, genetics/diagnostics, forensic, and healthcare industries. Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, with global offices, LabVantage has offered its comprehensive portfolio of products and services to enable customers to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve manufactured product quality, achieve accurate record-keeping, and comply with regulatory requirements for four decades. For more information, visit labvantage.com.


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