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IFF Names Dennis Maroney Master Perfumer

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– IFF (NYSE: IFF) has named Dennis Maroney Master Perfumer, an honor recognizing his career achievements, entrepreneurial contributions and record of commercial excellence in the global perfumery industry. Maroney is a 32-year industry veteran and IFF’s ninth Master Perfumer, a distinction reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and measurable impact in perfumery.

“Dennis has demonstrated a unique ability to bring together science and creativity, with a strong, undefeatable sense of purpose,” said Frank Clyburn, CEO, IFF. “He is a humble leader and an inspiring mentor who has created milestone scent signatures in the beauty and home care world. His unique contributions to the products we use every day in our beauty and home care routines are truly inspiring, and this Master Perfumer recognition is more than deserved.”

Commenting on his Master Perfumer appointment, Maroney said: “Perfumery is about transporting the consumer to a time and place where they are happy. It is about bringing a positive impact to someone’s day with something I have created. It is about making them smile, making their life smell better, and making that experience last long enough that when they come back to real life, the sunshine is still there in the air, vibrant with peace and courage.”

Maroney was born in Elmsford, NY, and as a child, was driven by a desire to solve problems. After earning a bachelor’s of science in Psychology from the University of Connecticut, he joined Kato, a fragrance house, as laboratory assistant, where he was trained in the art of perfumery by senior perfumers. After holding perfumer positions of increasing responsibility, Maroney joined IFF predecessor Bush Boake Allen in 1998. Since then, he has created globally recognized signatures in hair and beauty products, and across home consumer products. Additionally, Maroney is a five-time winner of the American Society of Perfumers “Perfumer Choice Awards,” and served as the organization’s president and chairman of the board between 2010 and 2014.

“Dennis’ innovation-driven mindset, leadership and creativity have helped develop groundbreaking scent solutions with breakthrough technologies, bridging A.I. and scientifically driven wellness research,” said Christophe de Villeplée, president, Scent, IFF. “Over the years, Dennis has created some of the most iconic fragrances and signatures across multiple categories. He has played an instrumental role in mentoring IFF junior perfumers and perfumery students, ensuring the next generation of perfumers have the creative, technical and innovation skills to create novel, memorable fragrances consumers desire.”

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