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Energy Globe Foundation: Wereldwijde klimaattop van duurzame oplossingen

Energy Globe World Award in Wenen op 30 november

WENEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De Energy Globe World Award vindt dit jaar plaats in Wenen, Oostenrijk, op 30 november onder het motto “Yes we can – Yes we do”. Het evenement wordt al beschreven door top klimaatexperts als de “wereldwijde top voor duurzame oplossingen”.

De klimaatcrisis is de meest urgente van allemaal, vooral voor onze kinderen, omdat we onze planeet voor toekomstige generaties moeten behouden. Er bestaan echter al werkende oplossingen voor elk milieuprobleem waarmee de mensheid tegenwoordig wordt geconfronteerd. Deze oplossingen worden tijdens de jaarlijkse Energy Globe World Award aan een wereldwijd publiek gepresenteerd.

Energy Globe Foundation: Global Climate Summit of Sustainable Solutions

Energy Globe World Award in Vienna on November 30

VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– This year’s Energy Globe World Award will take place in Vienna, Austria, on November 30, under the motto “Yes we can – Yes we do”. The event is already being described by top climate experts as the “global summit for sustainable solutions”.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Mohan Munasinghe (left) with Founder of Energy Globe Mr. Wolfgang Neumann (right) during Energy Globe 2016 in Tehran.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Mohan Munasinghe (left) with Founder of Energy Globe Mr. Wolfgang Neumann (right) during Energy Globe 2016 in Tehran.

The climate crisis is the most urgent of all, especially for our children, as we need to preserve our planet for future generations. However, working solutions to every environmental problem facing humanity today already exist. These solutions are presented to a worldwide audience at the annual Energy Globe World Award.

For the last 22 years, the Energy Globe has been the world’s most important environmental award, with over 180 participating countries and a total of over 30,000 environmental projects submitted. The winners of the national Energy Globes are chosen annually in all participating countries. The world’s best projects are then presented with the Energy Globe World Award, attended by high-ranking players from politics, business and science.

This year, almost 3,000 environmental projects from 183 countries were submitted and will be evaluated by an international jury of experts chaired by Maneka Gandhi (former Indian Environment Minister). A daunting task, with so many great innovations that propose solutions to environmental issues.

Prizes will be awarded in the categories of life – “water, earth, fire, air” as well as the special category of “youth”, which stands for our future.

For the first time, there is also a special prize for climate-friendly cooking, a topic that affects billions of people and for which solutions from 13 countries were submitted this year. Full details of the nominated projects and all national winners at www.energyglobe.info.

In the run-up to the Energy Globe Gala, world-renowned Nobel laureate and economist Prof. Mohan Munasinghe will speak with experts in a panel discussion on solutions to our environmental problems, focusing on energy, water resources, sustainable development and climate change.

“We at Energy Globe are convinced that all environmental problems at hand can be overcome. The solutions already exist. And with a positive view of the future, humanity will emerge stronger and more sustainable from the climate crisis,” says Wolfgang Neumann, founder of Energy Globe.

The panel discussion and the gala will be broadcast live on November 30 from 13:30 (CET) on www.energyglobe.info.


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