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Nieuw partnerschap Jumbo en Hanshow voor digitalisering meer dan 700 winkels

Jumbo, de op een na grootste supermarktketen van Nederland, met ook winkels in
België, kondigt een exclusief partnerschap aan met Hanshow, wereldwijde aanbieder
van retailoplossingen, voor de digitale transformatie van zijn winkelnetwerk.
Jumbo is opgericht in 1921 en heeft op het moment in Nederland en België samen
meer dan 700 winkels. Bekende sterke punten van Jumbo zijn het grote assortiment
en de gepersonaliseerde aandacht voor zowel klanten als personeel.

Met de digitale transformatie van zijn businessmodel wordt Jumbo een van de
leidende retailers in Europa. Een belangrijke rol hierbij speelt ook de Jumbo Tech
Campus, die zorgt voor innovatie van Jumbo's digitale oplossingen en kanalen om de
online en offline retailactiviteiten te verbinden en de klantrelatie te versterken.

Jumbo and Hanshow announce a new partnership to digitize over 700 stores

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jumbo, the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands which also has stores in Belgium, has announced an exclusive partnership with global retail solutions provider Hanshow to digitally transform its network of stores.

Hanshow's electronic shelf labels (ESLs) installed at Jumbo (Photo: Business Wire)

Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels (ESLs) installed at Jumbo (Photo: Business Wire)

Jumbo was founded in 1921 and currently owns more than 700 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is locally renowned for its wide range of selections and personalized attention to both customers and employees.

With the digital transformation of its business model, Jumbo is becoming one of the leading retailers in Europe. This is driven in part by the Jumbo Tech Campus which facilitates the innovation of Jumbo’s digital solutions and channels to connect its online and offline retail business while strengthening relationships with customers.

The collaboration with Hanshow is a crucial move in Jumbo’s digitization strategy. To date, Hanshow’s solutions have been rolled out in over 250 stores. Soon Jumbo will have upgraded all 700 of its stores, with over 11 million Hanshow electronic price tags installed.

“The unique Jumbo formula revolves around a large assortment with the best service at low prices. Correct prices on the shelf and the ability to react quickly and efficiently to market developments are essential for this. The technology of Hanshow contributes to this.” Jumbo said.

At the heart of this digital transformation with Hanshow, the adoption of over 11 million electronic shelf labels (ESLs) will save time and energy across all Jumbo stores. Hundreds of thousands of paper price tags can be saved by this partnership each year, which is also in line with Jumbo’s abiding goal of sustainability. ESLs dramatically increase efficiency for retail operations such as inventory management and faster order picking with LED flashing functions. Additionally, ESLs improve the customer shopping experience with centralized price updates, error-free labeling, and enhanced store appearance.

Powering the systems management of this massive amount of ESL is made possible by adopting the Hanshow SaaS solution via Microsoft Azure. Benefits for Jumbo include reducing costs spent on infrastructure and servers, and if needed the Hanshow technical support team is capable of helping resolve technical issues much faster. Hanshow’s PriSmart ESL and IoT device management system also allows Jumbo to get the systems up and running sooner and the ability to manage and update its pricing network in a faster, more secure, and more accessible way.

“Hanshow solutions can drive sustainability, improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and create new opportunities for Jumbo stores,” notes Sally Liang, General Manager of Europe, Hanshow. “This is an exciting era for retail, and we’re proud to be partnering with a company like Jumbo that is committed to improving its customer experience and operational efficiency through digital retail transformation.”

The cooperation with Jumbo is a significant achievement for Hanshow’s international development. In the future, Hanshow looks forward to cooperating with global customers to further explore the paths of digital transformation, to further optimize digital store solutions, and to provide more comprehensive, intelligent, and efficient digital service upgrades.

About Hanshow

Hanshow is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electronic shelf labels and digital store solutions, offering global customers a series of world-class customized IoT touchpoints and digital store solutions that deliver customer-centric insights. Hanshow’s solutions are used by over 30,000 stores in more than 50 countries, helping retailers streamline operations, optimize pricing strategies, and offer consumers a more personalized experience. Learn more: www.hanshow.com

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