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Verge Motorcycles uit Noord-Europa begint serieproductie van zijn verwachte elektrische motorfiets – introduceert zowel Verge TS-model als Verge TS Pro

Verge elektrische motorfietsen zijn voorzien van gepatenteerde motortechnologie en een bekroond ontwerp. Het nieuwe Verge TS Pro-model dat vandaag werd aangekondigd, wordt de meest geavanceerde elektrische motorfiets op de markt

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verge Motorcycles, het baanbrekende bedrijf voor elektrische motorfietsen, begint met de serieproductie van zijn langverwachte Verge TS-motorfiets. Verge heeft de motorfiets vanaf de grond af ontworpen met elektrische aandrijving in het achterhoofd, en in tegenstelling tot andere fabrikanten is het ontwerp niet beïnvloed door motorfietsen met verbrandingsmotor. Het geheim achter de unieke technologie van Verge is de geïntegreerde velgmotor in het achterwiel, die een grotere batterij, een groter bereik en explosieve prestaties mogelijk maakt. Bovendien ligt het zwaartepunt lager, wat zorgt voor een beter rijgevoel in vergelijking met motorfietsen van andere fabrikanten.

Verge Motorcycles From Northern Europe Begins Series Production of Its Anticipated Electric Motorcycle – Introduces Both Verge TS Model and Verge TS Pro

Verge electric motorcycles feature patented motor technology and award-winning design. The new Verge TS Pro model that was announced today will be the most advanced electric motorcycle on the market

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verge Motorcycles, the pioneering electric motorcycle company, is beginning series production of its much-anticipated Verge TS motorcycle. Verge has designed the motorcycle from the ground up with electric drive in mind, and unlike other manufacturers, the design has not been influenced by combustion engine-powered motorcycles. The secret behind Verge’s unique technology is the integrated rim motor inside the rear wheel, which enables a larger battery, longer range and explosive performance. In addition, the centre of gravity is lower, which provides a better driving feel compared to other manufacturers’ motorcycles.

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The new Verge TS Pro model will be the most advanced electric motorcycle on the market. Image: Verge Motocycles (Photo: Business Wire)

The new Verge TS Pro model will be the most advanced electric motorcycle on the market. Image: Verge Motocycles (Photo: Business Wire)

“Our electric motorcycles have attracted interest around the world already in the prototype phase, and we have already received hundreds of pre-orders. We are excited to finally begin series production of the anticipated Verge TS. Moreover, we get to introduce not only one but two models,” says Tuomo Lehtimäki, CEO of Verge Motorcycles.

Verge is the first and only Nordic manufacturer of electric motorcycles to begin series production.

“This is what the future of electric motorcycles looks like”

Verge announced today that it will also launch the Verge TS Pro, which will be even more powerful and advanced than the basic model. While the Verge TS’s features make it already the top of its class, the Pro version sets the bar even higher with its range of up to 350 kilometers and fast charging time of 35 minutes. Both Verge models represent unprecedented innovation, and with series production, they bring a completely new option to the market.

“Verge’s goal is to challenge traditional design conventions and build the world’s best electric motorcycles. In order to bring the world’s most advanced technology and performance to market, we decided to literally reinvent the wheel. Our products represent the future of electric motorcycles,” says Lehtimäki.

Verge electric motorcycles can be ordered online from the company’s new website as of today. In the initial phase, the motorcycles will be delivered to The Nordics and Middle Europe.

Further information: www.vergemotorcycles.com.

Verge Motorcycles develops and manufactures the world’s most advanced electric superbike. With its patented motor technology and innovative design Verge challenges conventional ways of thinking with the clear goal of creating the world’s best electric motorcycle from the ground up. Not a motorcycle that looks like yesterday, but a motorcycle that feels like the future.


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