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Kinetic Technologies kondigt nieuw IEEE® 802.3bt-compatibel aangedreven apparaat en DC-DC Flyback Controller-oplossing voor PoE-voedingen aan

Nieuwe IC’s vormen samen een 802.3bt-compatibele voeding op maximaal vermogen met digitale isolator feedback en lokale stroomcompatibiliteit.

MÜNCHEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Stroombeheer en video/audio-interface IC-leider Kinetic Technologies heeft vandaag de KTA1140 IEEE 802.3bt-compatibele Powered Device Interface IC en de KTB1095 synchrone flyback-besturings-IC met geïntegreerde digitale geïsoleerde feedback aangekondigd als de nieuwste toevoegingen aan hun PoE en DC-DC Converter productlijnen.

De KTA1140 voldoet volledig aan de IEEE 802.3bt-, 802.3at- en 802.3af-standaarden en integreert ingangsspanning beveiliging, een PD-controller met 100V, lage weerstand 0.1Ω hot-swap MOSFET, die ingangsvermogen niveaus tot 90W volledig ondersteunt. De PD-controller bevat ook classificatie met acht gebeurtenissen, ATDET, PD Detect, bescherming tegen te hoge temperatuur en vergrendeling onder spanning (UVLO). De KTA1140 is ook ontworpen om naadloze ondersteuning te bieden voor lokale voedingen tot 9,5 V.

Kinetic Technologies Announces New IEEE® 802.3bt-Compliant Powered Device and DC-DC Flyback Controller Solution for PoE Power Supplies

New ICs combine to provide an 802.3bt-compliant power supply at maximum power with digital isolator feedback and local power compatibility.

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Power management and video/audio interface IC leader Kinetic Technologies announced today the KTA1140 IEEE 802.3bt-compliant Powered Device Interface IC and the KTB1095 synchronous flyback control IC with integrated digital isolated feedback as the latest additions to their PoE and DC-DC Converter product lines.

Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3bt, 802.3at and 802.3af standards, the KTA1140 integrates input surge protection, a PD controller with 100V, low resistance 0.1Ω hot-swap MOSFET, which fully supports input power levels up to 90W. The PD controller also includes eight-event classification, ATDET, PD Detect, over temperature protection and under voltage lockout (UVLO). The KTA1140 is also designed to provide seamless support for local supplies down to 9.5V.

The KTB1095 is a highly integrated synchronous flyback converter with internal feedback utilizing a 3000VRMS digital isolator, designed to eliminate the need for an external opto-coupler, reducing cost and size. Operating over a wide operating voltage range from 5V to 100V, the KTB1095 includes both primary and secondary side, high current MOSFET drivers and employs current-mode constant on-time control for fast transient response. Featuring an adjustable soft-start function to limit start-up in-rush current, the KTB1095 also includes input voltage UVLO, output over-voltage-protection (OVP), cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown.

“Our goal at Kinetic is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to design their power supplies,” said Erik Ogren, Kinetic Technologies’ Senior Director of Marketing. “The KTA1140 supports Class 8, 90W designs with its ultra-low resistance hot-swap MOSFET and simplifies system designs with local voltage support. KTB1095 takes advantage of Kinetic’s Tru-Iso™ technology to deliver integrated 3000V-rms on-chip digital isolator feedback, reducing BOM count and PCB area.”

KTA1140 and KTB1095 are sampling now, with production expected to begin in the first quarter of 2023.

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Key Product Highlights:

KTA1140 – PoE 802.3bt PD Interface

  • Fully supports IEEE® 802.3bt
    • Input Power Levels Up to 90W
    • Class 0-8 for PoE PD
  • Compatible with IEEE® 802.3af/at
  • IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6 requirements for EMC
  • Seamless support for local power down to 9.5V
  • Programmable DC current limit
  • Low resistance (typ. 0.1Ω) Hot Swap MOSFET
  • 5×5 mm, 20 lead QFN Package

KTB1095 – 100V Synchronous Flyback Controller with Digital Isolation

  • Wide 5V to 100V Operating Voltage Range
  • Integrated Digital Isolator Feedback
    • 3000V-rms Integrated Isolation
  • ±1% Voltage Reference
  • Integrated primary and secondary side MOSFET Drivers
    • 3A Sink / 2A Source driving capability
  • Adjustable Switching Frequency from 100kHz to 700kHz
  • Integrated Protection: Cycle-by-cycle current limit, Input UVLO, OCP, SCP, TSP
  • SOIC-16 Wide Body (10.3mm x 7.5mm) Package

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