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Het QAF-platform van Barakatech biedt snelle en naadloze NFT-integratie voor gaming bedrijven

Het ecosysteem van videogames had moeite om duurzame inkomstenstromen op te bouwen die alle belanghebbenden omvatten, totdat Web3 een revolutie teweegbracht in het internet. Barakatech heeft zijn QAF-platform ontwikkeld als een oplossing om videogamebedrijven te ondersteunen die NFT’s aan hun inkomstenmix willen toevoegen.

ANKARA, Turkije–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het in Turkije gevestigde Barakatech heeft het QAF-tokenisatie platform ontwikkeld waarmee videogamestudio’s NFT’s snel en naadloos kunnen integreren in hun game-ecosystemen, waardoor kosten en software worden geëlimineerd die met dit ontwikkelingsproces gepaard gaan. Het platform van Barakatech, door het tijdschrift Fast Company gerangschikt als een van Turkiye’s top 20 innovatieve bedrijven, stelt videogamestudio’s in staat om Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) te integreren in bestaande game-infrastructuren. Het QAF-platform, dat een whitelabel-oplossing biedt voor snelle NFT-integratie, maakt het niet meer nodig om extra resources in te zetten voor expertise op het gebied van slimme contracten of IT-ondersteuning.

Barakatech’s QAF Platform Offers Fast and Seamless NFT Integration for Gaming Companies

The video game ecosystem struggled to build sustainable revenue streams that include all stakeholders until Web3 revolutionized the internet. Barakatech has developed its QAF platform as a solution to support video game companies that want to add NFTs to their revenue mix.

ANKARA, Türkiye–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Turkey-based Barakatech has developed the QAF tokenization platform that enables video game studios to integrate NFTs rapidly and seamlessly into their game ecosystems, eliminating costs and software associated with this development process. Barakatech’s platform, ranked as one of Turkiye’s top 20 innovative companies by the Fast Company magazine, enables video game studios to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into existing game infrastructures. Featuring a white-label solution for speedy NFT integration, the QAF platform removes the need to in-source extra resources for smart contract expertise or IT support.

Barakatech's QAF platform offers fast and seamless NFT integration for gaming companies (Graphic: Business Wire)

Barakatech’s QAF platform offers fast and seamless NFT integration for gaming companies (Graphic: Business Wire)

The influential a16z 2022 State of Crypto research published by Andreessen Horowitz reports on how NFTs offer a brand new direction to monetize gaming communities. A key venture capital investor in Turkiye’s leading VC Bogazici Ventures and CEO Co-Founder of Barakatech Cagatay Karabulut said, “Even tech companies are struggling to find an NFT-based revenue model and an end-to-end solution that is fit-for-purpose,” adding that they had initially positioned QAF as a platform for gaming companies offering intuitive and easy tokenization, but that currently, usage is moving beyond gaming companies to reach all corners of the Web3 ecosystem.

Already in use by four gaming companies pre-launch

Designed to be a constantly updated platform, QAF offers easy and rapid integration using REST API and the ability to mint NFTs via its ERC-20 Game Token integration thanks to its Ethereum blockchain-compatible structure, resulting in an end-to-end solution that enables effortless NFT trading.

With the QAF Platform, NFT production can be customized using ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. QAF has already been successfully used by four game studios before launch, standing out from the competition due to its ability to access player profiles and NFT analytics. Barakatech Co-Founder Tuna Orbay commented, “QAF has no development costs at all; it is a genuine full-service offering. Companies that have the vision of creating their own new market spaces can design new revenue models using QAF. Our QAF infrastructure allows features like auction selling and bidding using ETH, BST, Binance, and Polygon MATIC.”


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