13:08 uur 27-10-2022

Worksome kondigt een grote wereldwijde uitbreiding aan om het marktleiderschap op het gebied van contractmanagement, compliance en betalingen te versterken.

Als reactie op de toegenomen druk op ondernemingen om wereldwijd compliant te blijven wanneer ze samenwerken met freelancers en aannemers, breidt Worksome zijn aanbod uit naar zeven nieuwe markten in EMEA, APAC en Noord-Amerika.

NEW YORK, LONDEN & KOPENHAGEN, Denemarken–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Worksome, een extern personeelsbeheerplatform dat ondernemingen helpt om wereldwijd arbeidskrachten van aannemers aan te nemen en te betalen, heeft vandaag een belangrijke uitbreiding aangekondigd naar zeven nieuwe markten, waaronder Duitsland, Frankrijk, Australië, Singapore, Canada, Ierland en de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten. Deze stap komt na een toename van de vraag om conform de voorschriften externe arbeidskrachten in nieuwe markten aan te trekken en te betalen, en om indirecte toeleveringsketens te vereenvoudigen die onnodig complex zijn.

Worksome announces major global expansion to bolster market leadership in contractor management, compliance and payments.

In response to increased pressure on enterprises to stay globally compliant when engaging with freelancers and contractors, Worksome is expanding its offering to seven new markets across EMEA, APAC and North America.

NEW YORK, LONDON & COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Worksome, an External Workforce Management platform helping enterprises compliantly hire and pay contractor workforces globally, today announced a major expansion into seven new markets, including Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. This move comes after an increase in demand to compliantly source and pay external workforces in new markets, and simplify indirect supply chains that are unnecessarily complex.

In addition to the current solution which offers compliant hiring and payments to freelancers in 150+ countries, the market expansion will provide multilingual in-house support in additional time zones, and local compliance expertise and market knowledge.

Worksome’s customers will benefit from further simplified, consistent processes across the globe when working with external talent, as well as the ability to share their contractor workforce internationally – with one cohesive overview at an executive level.

“Companies need access to highly qualified global talent faster than ever to stay competitive. With this expansion, we are taking big steps to allow our customers to operate a truly global external workforce compliantly,” said Morten Petersen, CEO of Worksome. “We’re excited to expand our in-house support and expertise even further for our clients operating around the globe”.

In July 2022, Worksome reported 3x YoY revenue growth for the third consecutive year. Similar growth is anticipated in their newly expanded markets as they continue to be a key global layer in the external workforce management space, challenging enterprises to look beyond legacy enterprise MSP and VMS contingent workforce solutions, and simplify their supply chains on a global scale.

For more information on Worksome, please visit: https://www.worksome.com.

About Worksome

Worksome makes managing a freelance workforce fast and painless by automating freelancer and contractor payments, billing, and compliance processes. Worksome’s all-in-one solution saves companies time and money and reduces risk – making the flexible future of work a reality for both businesses and workers across the globe.

Worksome works with thousands of businesses globally, including Unilever, Novo Nordisk and Pepsi, and is based in Copenhagen, London, and New York. For more information, visit www.worksome.com.


Jennifer Harvey

VP of Marketing, Worksome


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