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2022 Total Economic Impact Study onthult een ROI van 518% met Gurobi

De in opdracht uitgevoerde studie onderzoekt de impact van Gurobi in verschillende sectoren.

BEAVERTON, Oregon.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gurobi Optimization, LLC, de leider in technologie voor beslissingsintelligentie en maker van ‘s werelds snelste wiskundige optimalisatie-oplosser, heeft vandaag de resultaten bekendgemaakt van de in opdracht uitgevoerde Total Economic Impact(TM) (TEI)-studie, uitgevoerd door Forrester Consulting onderzoekt het potentiële rendement op investering (ROI) door de inzet van de Gurobi Optimizer.

Uit het TEI-onderzoek blijkt dat een samengestelde organisatie, op basis van geïnterviewde klanten, die al een wiskundige optimalisatieoplossing had, een ROI van 518% over drie jaar behaalde door over te stappen op Gurobi, met een terugverdientijd van minder dan zes maanden. Voor organisaties die nieuwe wiskundige optimalisatie toepassen, zal de ROI waarschijnlijk aanzienlijk hoger zijn.

2022 Total Economic Impact Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi

The commissioned study examines Gurobi’s impact across a variety of industries.

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gurobi Optimization, LLC, the leader in decision intelligence technology and creator of the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver, today announced the results of the commissioned Total Economic Impact(TM) (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting examining the potential return on investment (ROI) by deploying the Gurobi Optimizer.

The TEI study shows that a composite organization, based on interviewed customers, that already had a mathematical optimization solution in place achieved an ROI of 518% over three years by switching to Gurobi, with a payback period of under six months. For organizations newly adopting mathematical optimization, the ROI will likely be significantly higher.

“The study confirms what customers have been telling us for years—that Gurobi enables better business decision-making in less time, saving our customers millions and even billions of dollars,” said Duke Perrucci, Chief Operating Officer at Gurobi. “Our customers are passionate about Gurobi, and we’re passionate about helping them succeed.”

According to study participants, Gurobi enables them to solve problems significantly faster than open-source solvers, other commercial solvers, and spreadsheet-based optimization tools. Specifically, participants reported that Gurobi reaches optimality 10x faster than other commercial solvers.

One participant, a mine and process engineering systems lead within a $10B – $20B mining organization, explained, “[The Gurobi Optimizer] enables quick solves and fast development times to give us really quick proofs of concept that allow us to seek value faster than what another tool would provide.”

Another participant, a lead operations researcher at an over $50B technology company, added, “Solving problems faster is the most important benefit we’re getting from Gurobi. Its performance is much better than other solvers we’ve used.”

Participants also reported that Gurobi was able to handle larger, more complex problems involving trillions of possible outcomes and deliver high-quality solutions within the time required for the specific problem. As a result, the organizations were able to generate additional revenue and save incremental operational costs through the enhanced mathematical optimization that Gurobi provided.

In addition to quantified benefits—including operational cost savings, revenue uplift, and savings from retiring previous commercial solvers—participants reported a robust list of unquantified benefits. Those benefits included faster solve times, the Gurobi team’s commitment to continuous improvement, strong technical support and account management, and its agile pricing and licensing model, among other benefits.

A chief technical lead at a $10B – $20B transportation organization explained, “We use only [Gurobi], and we are confident in their strategy. Their pricing is clear [and] simple.” They also added that Gurobi delivers significantly higher ROI and that Gurobi’s pricing model makes them more agile.

The technology company’s operations research lead explained that Gurobi continues to boost its solver performance, explaining, “Its performance on MADlib, which is a standard industry benchmark for solving mixed integer problems, has gotten better and better. [Gurobi’s] presolve has improved. Their heuristics have improved. I would say it has widened its lead over its competitors over the past six years.”

Visit Gurobi’s website to download the full TEI study and associated infographic.

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