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Match2One van de Verve Group lanceert de allereerste Shopify-app die verkopers nieuwe manieren biedt om hun omzet te vergroten

Selfservice-oplossing maakt open internetreclame toegankelijk voor kleinere bedrijven, waardoor het speelveld in de e-commercesector gelijk wordt gemaakt

LONDEN & STOCKHOLM & BERLIJN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verve Group kondigt vandaag aan dat Match2One – het gebruiksvriendelijke advertentieplatform voor e-commerce voor kleine bedrijven – een app heeft gelanceerd in Shopify, waarmee verkopers een zelfbedienings-, gratis te app installeren voor het bouwen, weergeven, optimaliseren en meten van programmatische advertenties.

De app van Match2One is het eerste gebruiksvriendelijke platform dat extra inkomsten genereert voor verkopers die Shopify gebruiken. Het platform stelt verkopers in staat om hun campagnes te automatiseren en het meeste uit hun uitgaven te halen terwijl ze worden geconfronteerd met de uitdaging van een zwakkere economie, maar tegelijkertijd met kansen met de snel naderende feestdagen en het belangrijkste kwartaal van de detailhandel.

Verve Group’s Match2One Launches First Ever Shopify App Giving Merchants New Ways to Grow Revenue

Self-serve solution makes open internet advertising accessible to smaller businesses, levelling the playing field in the ecommerce sector

LONDON & STOCKHOLM & BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verve Group today announces that Match2One – its easy-to-use advertising platform for small-business eCommerce – has launched an app in Shopify, offering merchants a self-serve, free-to-install app for building, serving, optimising, and measuring programmatic ads.

Match2One’s app is the first easy-to-use platform to drive additional revenue for merchants using Shopify. The platform enables merchants to automate their campaigns and make the most of spend as they face the challenge of a weaker economy, but simultaneous opportunities with the fast-approaching holiday season and retail’s most important quarter.

With just a few clicks, a merchant can launch an advertising campaign to complement existing Google and Facebook budgets. Verve Group has given the power of the Open Internet that has been used by large brands to their small- and medium-sized brethren–just in time for the holidays.

The Match2One app in the Shopify App Store provides users with:

  • Access to inventory across 93% of the open web
  • Performance data and real-time optimisation solutions
  • Connections to all major supply-side platforms (SSPs)
  • Easy-to-use brand safety controls to ensure the best ad placements
  • An effortless creative studio for any size ad, equipped with templates and animation capabilities

By allowing users to automate any form of advertising, the Match2One self-serve platform streamlines the typically labour-intensive and manual process of running digital campaigns for Shopify sellers.

Cost and complexity have created a high barrier to entry for programmatic advertising and pushed smaller businesses to depend on walled gardens, largely due to their accessibility and scale. However, the Match2One platform ensures merchants can successfully diversify ad spend and maintain greater control over their campaigns. It has been developed to help democratise programmatic and ensure all businesses can access the same inventory, without requiring prior programmatic experience or extensive marketing resources.

“Our self-serve app puts automation capabilities in the hands of advertisers who have previously been excluded from the programmatic landscape,” commented Mikael Kreuger, CEO of Match2One, part of Verve Group.

“Our mission is to truly empower all businesses to reach their desired audiences through efficient campaigns. With this in mind, Shopify merchants who install the app will receive a bonus in their account balance to support their ad budgets. We want to widen the adoption of programmatic and make it accessible to every business.”

In the short time that the app was put into the Shopify App Store, it has already reaped measurable returns. Alexander Eriksson at Boulevard49, a user of Match2One’s Shopify App added: “Match2One’s app does all the work for you, finding the right audience in the right place. Everything from building banner ads in the Creative Studio to following results is effortless. This is a true one-stop-shop for programmatic advertising.”

About Match2One (www.match2one.com)

A member of the Verve Group advertising technology ecosystem, Match2One was created with a sole mission in mind: to make programmatic technology readily available, be easy to use, accessible and transparent. Match2One’s advertising platform allows any user to create smart campaigns without prior knowledge, and its AI optimisation automates campaigns and delivers high results that improve over time. Founded in 2015 and with offices in Stockholm, London, Kiev and Sydney, Match2One serves thousands of independent advertisers in more than 80 countries across the globe.

About Verve Group (www.verve.com)

Verve Group has created a more efficient and privacy-focused way to buy and monetize advertising. Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology together to deliver results and growth to both advertisers and publishers–no matter the screen or location, no matter who, what, or where a customer is. With 22 offices across the globe and with an eye on servicing forward-thinking advertising customers, Verve Group’s solutions are trusted by more than 90 of the United States’ top 100 advertisers, 4,000 publishers globally, and the world’s top demand-side platforms. Verve Group is a subsidiary of Media and Games Invest (MGI).


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