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Trueman Man Clinic Network demonstreert zijn uitmuntendheid in gynaecomastiechirurgie in Korea met 25.700 operaties

SEOUL, Zuid-Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Trueman Man Clinic Network heeft aangekondigd dat het vanaf september 2022 meer dan 25.700 gynaecomastie-operaties heeft uitgevoerd vanaf 2010. Trueman Man Clinic Network is een gerenommeerd ziekenhuis voor mannelijke specifieke ziekten, met negen klinieken.

Volgens de Korean Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service en statistieken van Healthcare Big Data heeft Trueman Man Clinic Network in 2020 en 2021 in twee jaar tijd meer dan 40 procent van de gynaecomastie-operaties in Korea uitgevoerd.

Het heroperatiepercentage van de kliniek is ook zo laag als 0,25 procent. Van de 4.820 gynaecomastie-operaties die in 2021 door de negen klinieken werden uitgevoerd, waren in slechts twaalf gevallen heroperaties nodig om de patiënttevredenheid te verbeteren.

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Trueman Man Clinic Network Demonstrates Its Excellence in Gynecomastia Surgery in Korea with 25,700 Operations

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Trueman Man Clinic Network announced that it has performed more than 25,700 gynecomastia operations as of September 2022 from 2010. Trueman Man Clinic Network is a renowned hospital for male-specific diseases, running nine clinics.

Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After by Trueman Man Clinic (Photo: Business Wire)

Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After by Trueman Man Clinic (Photo: Business Wire)

According to the Korean Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service and statistics of Healthcare Big Data, Trueman Man Clinic Network performed over 40 percent of gynecomastia surgeries in Korea over two years in 2020 and 2021.

The clinic’s reoperation rate is also as low as 0.25 percent. Out of 4,820 gynecomastia operations performed by the nine clinics in 2021, only twelve cases required reoperations to improve patient satisfaction.

“It is the know-how accumulated by our outstanding medical team and their many surgical experiences that enabled this remarkable accomplishment,” said an official of Trueman Man Clinic. “Inquiries are on the rise as our high surgery success rate became widely known beyond Korea.”

There are two different conditions causing enlarged breasts in men: pseudo gynecomastia, caused by obesity, and true gynecomastia, caused by excess glandular male breast tissue.

True gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance of hormones, the use of certain medications, and obesity before puberty which is known to be the most common underlying cause. In many cases, obesity is accompanied by enlarged breast tissues.

For the optimal treatment of gynecomastia, plastic surgeries to achieve the desired manly chest contour, as well as breast removal surgery with proper liposuction for a medical cure, are performed simultaneously.

The proficiency in performing liposuction determines the esthetic completion of gynecomastia surgery for obese patients. The removed part would be dented with the elimination of breast tissues only; to prevent that, breast fat surrounding the affected area should be taken out appropriately. Side effects, such as bleeding, asymmetry, and unevenness, could occur without proficiency. Skilled doctors raise esthetic perfection by performing male breast reconstruction surgery, retaining the body line of pectoralis.

More information on Trueman Man Clinic Network’s excellent gynecomastia operations can be found at the website (https://trueman-global.com/Body/Gynecomastia).

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