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Aktana en Envision Pharma Group werken samen om medische zaken te helpen navigeren door het evoluerende landschap van artsenbetrokkenheid

De vraag van zorgverleners naar meer responsieve, gecoördineerde betrokkenheid binnen de life sciences-organisatie stimuleert MSL’s om een meer flexibele en waardegedreven omnichannel-aanpak te hanteren

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aktana, de leider in intelligente klantbetrokkenheid voor de life sciences-sector, en Envision Pharma Group, een wereldwijd, technologisch wetenschappelijk communicatiebedrijf dat actief is op vele gebieden van medische zaken, kondigen een strategisch partnerschap aan dat medische teams een uitgebreide toolkit biedt voor meer impactvolle wetenschappelijke uitwisseling. Door hun uitgebreide technische en industriële expertise samen te brengen, bieden Envision en Aktana life science-bedrijven de mogelijkheid om hun medisch-wetenschappelijke liaisons (MSL’s) in staat te stellen te voldoen aan de vraag van zorgverleners naar gepersonaliseerde, wetenschappelijk relevante inhoud en gecoördineerde omnichannel-betrokkenheid.

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Aktana and Envision Pharma Group Partner to Help Medical Affairs Navigate the Evolving Physician Engagement Landscape

HCP demands for more responsive, coordinated engagement across the life sciences organization are driving MSLs to adopt a more agile and value-driven omnichannel approach

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aktana, the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences industry, and Envision Pharma Group, a global, technology-enabled scientific communications company operating across many areas of medical affairs, announce a strategic partnership that provides medical teams with a comprehensive toolkit for more impactful scientific exchange. By bringing together their extensive technical and industry expertise, Envision and Aktana offer life science companies the ability to enable their medical science liaisons (MSLs) to address HCP demands for personalized, scientifically relevant content and coordinated omnichannel engagement.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220927005291/en/

Despite the industry’s separation between commercial and medical teams, today’s HCPs expect MSLs to operate with a holistic view of their engagement with the product. While many life sciences companies have already started equipping commercial teams with technology to synthesize data and coordinate interactions across channels, medical affairs organizations still largely lack the right tools to navigate the dual challenges of information overwhelm and decreasing HCP access.

“MSLs are in a challenging position, learning to balance traditional and modern digital strategies to engage with physicians in an environment where they are asked to respond to questions faster and more frequently,” said Derek Choy, president of Aktana. “With Envision, we can help MSLs by optimizing their HCP engagements to be more relevant, coordinated, and tailored to their individual needs, whether digital or in-person.”

Together, Envision and Aktana will provide medical affairs teams with streamlined, tailored solutions that incorporate Envision’s industry-leading scientific expertise and Aktana’s intelligence platform, which is fueled by a range of integrated data sources and learns from every prior interaction. The partnership arms MSLs with quick, reliable access to the latest scientific information that’s relevant to each HCP, paired with data-driven insights on how, when, and where to deliver that information for optimal customer engagement.

“Like us, Aktana has a long history of helping life sciences companies of all sizes break down data silos, connect internal teams, and generate insights to improve interactions with HCPs,” said Paul Archer, chief commercial officer at Envision. “Together, we will focus on guiding medical affairs teams to build, deploy, and refine their omnichannel strategies so MSLs can deliver value to HCPs when they need it most for improved patient outcomes.”

Archer continued, “We look forward to a long-term partnership with Aktana, as we take the next steps towards our combined vision for a powerful solution that incorporates all touchpoints across the HCP journey.”

In other news today, Aktana announces its hiring of Deepak Patil, senior director of medical strategy.

About Aktana

Aktana is the category creator and leader of intelligent engagement in the global life sciences industry. By ensuring that every customer experience is tailored to individual preferences and needs, Aktana helps life science companies strengthen their relationships with healthcare providers to inspire better patient care. Today, commercial and medical teams from more than 300 brands use Aktana’s AI-enabled Contextual Intelligence Engine to coordinate and optimize personalized omnichannel engagement at scale. More than half of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies are Aktana customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aktana has offices in every major biopharma region around the world. For more information, visit www.aktana.com.

About Envision Pharma Group

Founded in 2001, Envision Pharma Group is a global, technology-enabled scientific communications company serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. As a leading provider of evidence-based communication services and industry-leading technology solutions (iEnvision) that have applicability across many areas of medical affairs and related functional responsibility, Envision provides scientific communication services and technology solutions to more than 90 companies, including 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Learn more at: www.envisionpharmagroup.com


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