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Microban lanceert Refresh™: een gepatenteerde geur opvang technologie die volledig metaal vrij is

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Microban International is verheugd om Refresh™ te introduceren – de nieuwste, gepatenteerde, duurzame geuropvangtechnologie die volledig metaalvrij is. Het is bewezen dat deze innovatieve technologie geuren tot 93% vermindert op polyester en polyesterrijke mengsels, zelfs na 30 wasbeurten thuis.

Microban is de wereldleider in antimicrobiële en geurbestrijdingstechnologie en heeft Refresh ontwikkeld als onderdeel van zijn voortdurende toewijding aan duurzame textielproductie. Deze formule, waarvoor patent is aangevraagd, is ontworpen om tegemoet te komen aan de behoeften van zowel fabrikanten als consumenten, door een effectieve oplossing te bieden om permastink aan te pakken zonder afhankelijk te zijn van traditionele chemicaliën voor zware metalen. Het is bewezen dat Refresh geuren effectief vermindert op polyester en polyesterrijke mengsels, waaronder sportkleding, jachtuitrusting en andere kleding. Door kleding langer vers te houden, stelt deze technologie eindgebruikers in staat om te profiteren van de voordelen van het minder vaak wassen van artikelen en daardoor het waterverbruik en de vezelvervuiling te verminderen, voortijdige verwijdering te voorkomen en het aantal vuilstortplaatsen te verminderen. Het stelt fabrikanten ook in staat hun gebruik van pesticiden te verminderen.

Microban Launches Refresh™: A Patent-Pending Odor Capture Technology that is Completely Metal Free

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Microban International is pleased to introduce Refresh – its newest, patent-pending, sustainable odor capture technology that is completely metal free. This innovative technology is proven to reduce odors by up to 93% on polyester and polyester-rich blends, even after 30 home launderings.

Microban is the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control technology, and has developed Refresh as part of its ongoing dedication to sustainable textiles manufacturing. This patent-pending formula is designed to address the needs of both manufacturers and consumers, by providing an effective solution to tackle permastink without relying on traditional heavy metal chemistries. Refresh is proven to effectively reduce odors on polyester and polyester-rich blends, including activewear, hunting gear and other apparel. By keeping garments fresher for longer, this technology will allow end-users to enjoy the benefits of washing items less frequently and therefore reduce water consumption and fiber pollution, preventing premature disposal and decreasing landfill loading. It also allows manufacturers to reduce their use of pesticidal chemistries.

Michael Ruby, President at Microban International, explained the importance of this innovation: “Microban is focused on sustainable solutions, and is proud to have developed Refresh, a more environmentally-friendly technology designed to combat the issue of persistent odors on clothing without using any metal-based chemistries. With Refresh, apparel brands and manufacturers across the world can deliver smart textiles that stay fresher for longer, extending their usable lifetime and reducing the mountains of textile waste that end up in landfill each year. Refresh complements Microban’s Scentry® and Scentry Revive® technologies perfectly, now providing three world-class bluesign®-listed technologies for apparel brands to specify at the mill level for odor control applications.”

Refresh can be incorporated during the manufacturing processes for polyester and polyester-rich blends products as an easy-to-use and particle-free one-part liquid solution, avoiding any concerns about settlement during storage and mixing. It is fully water soluble and will not negatively impact fabric properties. Dr. Yihong Li, Senior Technical Manager for Textiles at Microban International, elaborated: “Refresh has been meticulously designed to provide effective odor protection that not only contributes to sustainable initiatives, but also seamlessly integrates into polyester textile manufacturing processes. Microban has applied its expertise and extensive technical knowledge to develop this technology to meet industry demands for smarter textile products.”

Refresh is available to apparel brands and manufacturers globally, along with Microban’s support and expertise. Find out more at https://www.microban.com/odor-control/technologies/refresh and get in touch with a representative today!

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Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban International is home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control, and sanitization / disinfection markets – Microban® and Ultra-Fresh®. Our organization has experienced over 100 collective years of growth and has revolutionized the industry. As the global leader, our proactive systems keep products cleaner, and control odors better by preventing problems before they start. Microban International drives innovation by combining science and creative solutions that enhance high-quality consumer, textile, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban and Ultra-Fresh brands and our technologies are featured on thousands of products worldwide. The company is headquartered in North Carolina with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit www.microban.com.

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