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Katalyst zet wereldwijde groei voort door overname van Geopost Energy

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Katalyst Data Management heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het Geopost Energy, de in Rio de Janeiro gevestigde leverancier van olie- en gasdataproducten en diensten, zal verwerven. Geopost Energy biedt directe online toegang tot alle soorten geïntegreerde gegevens, inclusief seismische gegevens, interpretaties en productiegegevens voor putlogboeken aan haar klanten. Daarnaast biedt Geopost continu bijgewerkte informatie en nieuws over alle aspecten van de offshore en onshore E&P-activiteiten van Brazilië. De overname vertegenwoordigt een belangrijke uitbreiding naar de Zuid-Amerikaanse regio voor Katalyst en ondersteunt hun toenemende capaciteiten om hun klanten te ondersteunen in elke regio waarin ze actief zijn. Het Braziliaanse kantoor zal fungeren als een hub voor Katalyst in Zuid-Amerika en zal bijdragen aan de wereldwijde aanwezigheid van Katalyst, inclusief datacenters in Canada, de Verenigde Staten, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Australië en Maleisië.

Katalyst Continues Worldwide Growth by Acquiring Geopost Energy

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Katalyst Data Management announced today that it will acquire the Rio de Janeiro-based oil and gas data product and service provider Geopost Energy. Geopost Energy provides instant online access to integrated data of all types, including seismic, interpretations, and well logs production data to its clients. In addition, Geopost offers continuously updated information and news on all aspects of Brazil’s offshore and onshore E&P activities. The acquisition represents an important expansion to the South American region for Katalyst, underpinning their increasing capabilities to support their customers in any region they operate. The Brazilian office will act as a hub for Katalyst in South America and add to Katalyst’s global footprint including data centers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Malaysia.

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions.

Global reach for end-to-end subsurface data management

“This acquisition marks another milestone in our journey to have a presence in major oil and gas data markets across the globe,” said Katalyst President and CEO, Steve Darnell. “We have long admired the technology and services that Geopost brings to the market. In addition to the growth of Geopost’s products into our existing regions, we are excited about our ability to incorporate their key technologies into iGlass and SeismicZone. We believe this will greatly enhance our already industry leading capabilities.”

“We are thrilled to become part of the Katalyst family,” said Christiano Lopes, Geopost’s CEO. “The combination of Katalyst’s industry leading organization, global footprint, and expertise with the technology and services developed by Geopost will contribute to a broader solution generating new opportunities in multiple regions. It is a huge opportunity for us as we advance.”

About Katalyst

Katalyst Data Management provides a complete data management solution assisting oil and gas companies with the difficult challenge of managing the vast amount of subsurface data and information acquired for exploration and production. Katalyst’s end-to-end solution includes every step in the process, from data capture and verification, data storage and organization, to marketing seismic data online. Katalyst’s signature offerings include the web-based iGlass solution for subsurface data management and the ecommerce site SeismicZone for data marketing. To learn more about Katalyst, visit www.katalystdm.com.

About Geopost Energy

With their leading technology platform, Geopost provides instant access to data related to the E&P market (e.g., seismic data, interpretations, wells, production charts, bidding round history, E&P assets, and others). Everything is built into a fluid and easy-to-use platform. The environment combines customer’s private library with automatically updated information covering all aspects of Brazil’s E&P Offshore and Onshore activities. Geopost is an essential tool for your technical and business team.


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