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Stayso The House Hotel biedt de veiligste, meest virusvrije gastervaring

ISTANBUL-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Het toerisme werd hard getroffen door de pandemie, maar is snel weer opgeleefd dankzij een hoogstaande reactie op de verwachtingen van de gasten voor een betere hygiëne. Stayso The House Hotel heeft niet alleen het uitstekende Safe Tourism Certificate van Turkiye behaald, maar is verder gegaan dan deze accolade om haar gasten totale hygiëne te bieden met behulp van geavanceerde technologieën.

Het hotel ligt aan de oever van de oude Gouden Hoorn in Istanbul en biedt een innovatieve combinatie van werk- en leefruimten in de vorm van restaurants, accommodatie en co-workingruimten. Door het gebruik van een virus uitschakelende Nederlands-Turkse gepatenteerde Vironance-technologie in de ventilatiesystemen, heeft Stayso The House Hotel het antivirale hotelconcept voor het eerst in Turkije gelanceerd. Het herdefinieert wat het betekent om een veilige accommodatie ervaring te bieden met een tweede laag van virus-bestrijdende Laminar Flow technologie.

Stayso The House Hotel Provides the Safest, Most Virus-Free Guest Experience

ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Tourism was hard-hit by the pandemic but has bounced back rapidly thanks to a high-level response to guests’ expectations for enhanced hygiene. Stayso The House Hotel has not only achieved Turkiye’s excellent Safe Tourism Certificate but has gone beyond this accolade to provide its guests with total hygiene using advanced technologies.

Positioned on the banks of Istanbul’s ancient Golden Horn district, the hotel offers an innovative combination of working and living spaces through its restaurants, accommodation, and co-working areas. Deploying a virus disabling Dutch-Turkish patented Vironance technology in its ventilation systems, Stayso The House Hotel has launched the anti-viral hotel concept in Turkiye for the first time. It is redefining what it means to offer a safe accommodation experience with a second layer of virus-beating Laminar Flow technology.

99.8% track record of destroying viruses

The Vironance system has a 99.8% success rate in destroying viruses according to studies by US-based Weill Cornell Medical College. In addition to the Vironance technology in its ventilation systems, the Laminar Flow technology which is available in all rooms and common areas, works to separate volumes of air to prevent airborne contaminants from entering its spaces for maximum hygiene. Viruses that stick to airborne particles and droplets that tend to fall to the ground are captured by Laminar Flow and sucked out at floor level before they can be lifted back into the air.

An innovative approach to Turkish hospitality

Stayso The House Hotel brings an innovative approach to Turkish hospitality with its historic location and hybrid concept. The 45-room luxury boutique hotel is stylish, and spaces are both comfortable and spacious, offering enhanced working conditions ideal for business and other travelers. Excellently positioned close to the heart of Istanbul’s old city, but with easy access to business and shopping centers, The hotel is a home away from home for those who want to experience the city fully.

Taste the delights of the Golden Horn

Complementing its unique hybrid work and stay concept, Stayso The House Hotel offers its guests a spectacular dining experience with its Michelin-starred chef Karim Khouani. Khouani provides guests with a culinary journey stretching from the shores of the Golden Horn to the rest of the world, providing guests with a virus-free travel experience.

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