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Aera Technology uitgeroepen tot “100 Great Supply Chain Partner”

Beslissingsinnovator erkend in de jaarlijkse lijst van SupplyChainBrain

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aera Technology heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het bedrijf is erkend als een “100 Great Supply Chain Partner” in de jaarlijkse lijst van hooggewaardeerde oplossings- en servicebedrijven van het tijdschrift SupplyChainBrain magazine.

Het competitieve nominatieproces, gebaseerd op gekwalificeerde feedback en nominaties van supply chain-professionals op alle gebieden van supply chain management, identificeert de topserviceproviders wiens oplossingen een aanzienlijke impact hebben gehad op de efficiëntie van supply chain, klantenservice en algehele prestaties.

Aera, een vroege innovator op het gebied van Decision Intelligence, stelt supply chain-leiders in staat om de besluitvorming te versnellen en te schalen door beslissingen te digitaliseren, uit te breiden en te automatiseren via het speciaal gebouwde Aera Decision Cloud™-platform.

Aera Technology Named a “100 Great Supply Chain Partner”

Decision Intelligence Innovator Recognized in SupplyChainBrain’s Annual List

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aera Technology today announced the company has been recognized as a “100 Great Supply Chain Partner” in SupplyChainBrain magazine’s annual list of highly-valued solution and services companies.

The competitive nomination process, based on qualified feedback and nominations from supply chain professionals across all areas of supply chain management, identifies the top service providers whose solutions have made a significant impact on supply chain efficiency, customer service, and overall performance.

An early Decision Intelligence innovator, Aera is enabling supply chain leaders to speed and scale decision making by digitizing, augmenting, and automating decisions through its purpose-built Aera Decision Cloud™ platform.

“For twenty years running, SupplyChainBrain has published our much-anticipated list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners — a select group of companies whose customers recognize them for providing outstanding solutions and services. This year’s field of nominees was highly competitive and overall excellent — coming from all sectors of supply chain management. Aera should be proud to be named amongst the 100 Great,” said Brad Berger, publisher, SupplyChainBrain.

The Aera Decision Cloud platform delivers the technologies and capabilities to define and deploy digital decisions at scale, integrating with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time — without requiring changes to existing systems or data. It predicts risks and opportunities accurately, recommending the best and necessary actions to optimize business, financial, and operational performance.

“We’re honored to be named a ‘Great Supply Chain Partner’ — recognition driven exclusively from customer feedback,” said Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology. “Aera is helping supply chain professionals re-imagine how decisions are made by providing a cloud platform that enables companies to respond to changing conditions, accelerate planning, optimize resources and execution, reduce waste, and improve customer service. This is truly a new narrative and delivers a critical competitive edge for supply chains.”

Aera will be among the honorees featured in SupplyChainBrain magazine’s August issue and on SupplyChainBrain.com.

For more information about Aera Decision Cloud, click here.

About Aera Technology

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that makes business agility happen. The company’s innovative cloud platform integrates with existing systems to make and execute business decisions in real time. In the era of digital acceleration, Aera helps enterprises around the world transform how they respond to the ever-changing environment. For more information, visit www.aeratechnology.com.


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