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Cloudrise kondigt $ 10 miljoen aan totale financiering aan

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Cloudrise, een tech-enabled servicebedrijf dat zich richt op het beveiligen van gegevens waar het zich ook bevindt, is verheugd aan te kondigen dat het de financiering heeft afgerond om de totale financiering van het bedrijf te verhogen tot $ 10 miljoen.

Sinds de lancering van het bedrijf in oktober 2019 heeft Cloudrise met honderden wereldwijde klanten, waaronder talloze Fortune 500-ondernemingen, gewerkt aan hun projecten op het gebied van gegevensbescherming en cloudbeveiliging. Gedurende deze tijd is Cloudrise alle vermelde financiële doelstellingen blijven overtreffen en investeert het aanzienlijk om de servicelevering en onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsteams uit te breiden, terwijl de lat voor gegevensbescherming hoger wordt gelegd. Om verdere groei en innovatie te bevorderen, heeft Cloudrise in juli aanvullende financiering verkregen van Three Kings Capital, met aanvullend kapitaal van bestaande investeerders Stormbreaker Ventures en het Greater Colorado Venture Fund.

Cloudrise announces $10M in total funding

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Cloudrise, a tech-enabled services firm focused on securing data wherever it resides, is pleased to announce it has completed financing to raise the company’s total to-date funding to $10 million.

Since launching the company in October of 2019, Cloudrise has worked with 100s of global customers, including numerous Fortune 500 enterprises, on their data protection and cloud security projects. During this time, Cloudrise has continued to exceed all stated financial targets and is investing significantly to expand service delivery and research and development teams, while raising the bar for data protection. To help further growth and innovation, Cloudrise secured additional funding in July from Three Kings Capital, with add-on capital from existing investors Stormbreaker Ventures and the Greater Colorado Venture Fund.

With success comes the need to add more talent to Cloudrise’s Board of Directors, and Bill Ryckman, Managing Principal at Three Kings Capital, will join the Cloudrise board.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Cloudrise and its proven management team led by Rob Eggebrecht,” Ryckman said. “Cloudrise is a well-known leader in the data protection market, with particular expertise in the cloud, and a reputation for delivering exceptional service. As more and more businesses embrace the cloud, Cloudrise has become an integral partner to a diverse set of clients across the country and around the world, helping to keep their data safe from cyber criminals. With its high-quality team and technology-enabled platform, Cloudrise is well-positioned to serve our collective mission on a much wider scale.”

Cloudrise co-founder and CEO Rob Eggebrecht is excited about the future ahead for the company.

“Our latest funding venture is a major milestone, allowing Cloudrise to fast-track industry-changing initiatives for how professional services are delivered in the cyber industry via our tech-enablement approach,” Eggebrecht said. “The current status quo for delivering professional services in the cyber industry is outdated, inefficient, and does not scale to the world of cloud computing in global enterprises today. While organizations are contending with the exponential growth of data and an excessive amount of cyber security application/platforms, traditional service providers are stuck in a mindset of a help-desk, ticket-driven world, attempting to throw more people at the problem.”

Instead of throwing more time and resources at complex data security challenges, Cloudrise leverages a proprietary service delivery platform to increase efficiencies, enable better collaboration, and reduce time needed to deliver high-value outcomes. By bundling software and humans, Cloudrise delivers tech-enabled services that allow customers to realize an immediate impact for their business.

Cloudrise continues to build on what has been a groundbreaking 2022, in which the company announced:

  • The acquisition of CyberOrchard, an information security managed service organization located in the United Kingdom
  • Jason Bird, CyberOrchard’s founder and CEO, as CTO at Cloudrise
  • Cloudrise named as Netskope’s Global Services Partner of the Year
  • Placement on the Managed Security 100 on CRN’s Managed Service Provider 500 list for 2022
  • ‘Best Solution in Data Security’ at Global InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine
  • Hiring Rob Zillioux as CFO
  • The opening of a new global headquarters facility in Grand Junction, Colorado

About Three Kings Capital

Three Kings Capital is a mission-driven, family office-backed private equity platform that invests exclusively in cyber security companies. Its mission is to protect the world’s assets, critical infrastructure, and personally identifiable information from cyber threats. Aided by an Advisory Board of government and private sector cyber security experts, Three Kings seeks to enable and partner with mission-driven companies at any stage of development. Its permanent, flexible capital base allows Three Kings to invest in any type of security within the capital structure. Three Kings is headquartered in New York City but seeks investment opportunities from around the country and certain other parts of the world. For more information, please visit www.ThreeKingsCapital.com.

About Cloudrise

Cloudrise is a technology-enabled services firm, specializing in delivering data security services customized to meet organizations’ business needs. Drawing from 20+ years of experience in the field, we have tailored our services to be laser-focused on securing organizations’ data wherever it resides. Cloudrise helps organizations elevate their data protection and privacy programs through assessments, technology enablement, and managed services. Cloudrise can be found at www.cloudrise.com or on LinkedIn.

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