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Symphony lanceert onderzoekslab in samenwerking met Franse instellingen

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Symphony – het toonaangevende infrastructuur- en technologieplatform van de markt, zal toegepast onderzoek doen naar vertrouwelijke computers en spraakbeheer in samenwerking met openbare en particuliere entiteiten in Frankrijk, als onderdeel van de binnenkort te lanceren Symphony Labs in Sophia Antipolis. Met dit initiatief wil het bedrijf de komende drie jaar minimaal 10 onderzoekers in dienst nemen.

Symphony is van plan om samen te werken met onderzoekers en studenten van de universiteit Mines Paris-Psl, Campus Pierre Laffitte om toekomstgerichte onderwerpen op het gebied van informatietechnologie en financiële markten aan te pakken. Beide organisaties zijn trots om de expertise in de regio in de kijker te zetten en tegelijkertijd te investeren in toekomstig talent.

Symphony to launch research lab in collaboration with French institutions

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Symphony – the leading markets’ infrastructure and technology platform, will conduct applied research on confidential computing and voice management in partnership with public and private entities in France, as part of the soon to be launched Symphony Labs in Sophia Antipolis. Through this initiative the company will seek to employ at least 10 researchers in the next three years.

Symphony plans to work with researchers and students from the university Mines Paris-Psl, Campus Pierre Laffitte to address forward looking topics in the domain of information technology and financial markets. Both organizations are proud to highlight the expertise in the region while investing in future talent.

As part of the Symphony Labs, the company also partnered with smartTrade Technologies, a leading global technology provider of multi-asset SaaS electronic trading platforms, to work in the coming years on joint research initiatives in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and the management of unstructured data.

Commitment to France

Symphony is strongly committed to France, where it has two offices and employs over 170 people, mostly from technical backgrounds. From day one, the company – which was founded in Palo Alto, California back in 2014- has had a commercial presence in Paris to serve the thriving financial services sector in the country, which has grown in relevance post Brexit.

In 2018, Symphony inaugurated a research and development (R&D) center in Sophia Antipolis, which has become the company’s main engineering hub. Currently, the expertise found in Sophia ranges from web and desktop applications, mobile, integrations, globally distributed architectures, security and encryption, and data science to operations.

Symphony is proud to contribute and be part of the region’s dynamic and innovative ecosystem. The company will be working closely with Team Côte d’Azur to showcase the local fintech ecosystem and highlight the region’s capabilities abroad.

Driving innovation

The company has been an important driver of innovation and key partner to financial firms in France. Symphony is currently working with the Global Markets division of BNP Paribas on automating execution via a BOT and also powering federated solutions to reach their clients. The company also has prolific working relationships with other French financial institutions such as Crédit Agricole CIB, Societe Generale and Sycomore Market Solutions.

Today the company’s chief executive, Brad Levy, is scheduled to attend Choose France, the flagship business summit for CEOs of international companies, organized by the Office of the French President.

Symphony is the most secure and compliance-enabling markets’ infrastructure and technology platform, where solutions are built or integrated to standardize, automate and innovate financial services workflows. It is a vibrant community of over half a million financial professionals with a trusted directory and serves over 1,000 institutions. Symphony is powering over 2,000 community built applications and bots. For more information, visit www.symphony.com.

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