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Thales lanceert HELIXVIEW, een revolutionaire luchthavenscanner waarmee de passagier geen items uit de bagage hoeven te halen

  • Thales lanceert HELIXVIEW, haar nieuwe, innovatieve, stationaire, compacte en lichtgewicht Cabin Baggage Explosive Detection System (EDS CB), waardoor de passagier geen items uit de bagage hoeft te halen.
  • HELIXVIEW is een C3-compatibele scanner (volgende EDS CB-standaard) die op röntgen nanotechnologie gebaseerde elektronische scanning en 3D-beeldreconstructie combineert. Het maakt ook gebruik van de vaardigheden van Thales op het gebied van kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) en cyberbeveiliging om een intelligente en economische oplossing voor luchthavens te creëren.
  • HELIXVIEW zorgt voor hogere veiligheid voor luchthavens en soepel reizen  voor passagiers.

PARIS LA DÉFENSE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De veiligheidscontroles op luchthavens staan synoniem voor het stressvolle en complexe proces van jongleren met tassen, vloeistoffen en elektronische apparaten. Passagiers herontdekken de geneugten van het vliegen… samen met enkele van de meer arbeidsintensieve aspecten van het halen van een vliegtuig, zoals die delicate fase bij de veiligheidscontrole waar vloeistoffen en elektronische items uit onze handbagage moeten worden gehaald en afzonderlijk moeten worden gescand. In deze context heeft Thales een nieuwe scanner ontwikkeld met de naam HELIXVIEW, die een revolutie teweeg kan brengen in de luchthavenervaring voor zowel passagiers als luchtvaartmaatschappijen.

Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal, die als enige rechtsgeldig is.

Thales launches HELIXVIEW, a revolutionary airport scanner allowing passenger to not remove item from luggage

  • Thales launches HELIXVIEW, its new innovative, stationary, compact, and lightweight Cabin Baggage Explosive Detection System (EDS CB), allowing passenger to not remove items from luggage.
  • HELIXVIEW is a C3-compliant scanner (next EDS CB standard) that combines X-ray nanotechnology-based electronic scanning and 3D imaging reconstruction. It also draws on Thales’ skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity to create an intelligent and economical solution for airports.
  • HELIXVIEW brings higher security for airports and seamless travel facilities for passengers.

PARIS LA DÉFENSE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Airport security checkpoints are synonymous with the stressful and complex process of having to juggle with bags, liquids, and electrical appliances. Passengers are rediscovering the pleasures of flight… along with some of the more laborious aspects of catching a plane such as that delicate phase at the security checkpoint where liquids and electronic items have to be removed from our hand luggage and scanned separately. In this context, Thales has developed a new scanner named HELIXVIEW, which could revolutionize the airport experience for both passengers and airlines companies.

© Thales

© Thales

HELIXVIEW, based on Thales expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity, is a stationary, compact, and lightweight EDS CB C3-compliant scanner (the next standard applied to the certification for EDS CB) that combines X-ray nanotechnology-based electronic scanning and 3D imaging reconstruction. With this solution installed in checkpoints, passengers will no longer need to remove their items from luggage. The technology is fine-tuned to detect all forms of prohibited items, whether explosives, knives, or even weapons that have been dismantled and positioned in separate parts across several bags.

Artificial Intelligence capabilities are leveraged to detect and interpret threats. The system then instantly provides the operator with a threat/no threat instruction for the bag.

Security airport concerns remain as present as ever for airport staff and airlines, who need to be able to ensure precise and failsafe threat detection. Checkpoints need higher degrees of security and, by association, higher levels of technological requirements and more powerful new-generation equipment. With a reduced size, weight and overall footprint, HELIXVIEW will enable airports to optimize the space at their disposal. Instead of heavy and cumbersome parts that require two people to lift them out of the machine for repair, the mechanics of this system are simple and motionless; there are no moving parts or vibrations. Anything that needs to be replaced can be done quickly, easily and no physically demanding.

I am very pleased to present HELIXVIEW, our new airport scanner. I am sure that passengers will appreciate this new smoother and faster security checks using attractively and ergonomically-designed systems. This new technology will bring higher security and comfort with an optimal cost-performance ratio” – Yannick Assouad, Thales

The HELIXVIEW product is aiming for certification by the end of 2023.

This new solution beneficiates from the support of BPI through i-demo project initiative.

Meet Thales at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2002 – June 15,16 & 17 – Paris Expo ‘Porte de Versailles’ – Booth Z1.3000.

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