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Seismic kondigt Paowered-kleding aan voor de veiligheid van werknemers

MENLO PARK, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Seismic, een kledingbedrijf dat Powered Clothing ontwerpt, heeft zijn nieuwste lijn in Powered Clothing gelanceerd.

Seismisch pak voor de veiligheid van werknemers

Dit is de eerste Seismic Powered Clothing die speciaal is ontworpen voor de Worker Safety-markt, een over-de-kleding “vest-stijl” kledingstuk geïnspireerd op traditionele werkkleding, met een toolbelt vormfactor hardware “drager” in de taille. Het Seismic Suit is ontworpen in overeenstemming met de OSHA-normen en ontwikkeld in samenwerking met docentenklanten om de kern, boven- en onderrug van de werknemers te beschermen in repetitieve, ongemakkelijke en gevaarlijke houdingen. Deze aangedreven houdingen omvatten staan, voorover leunen, achterover leunen, hurken, bukken en knielen.

Het pak detecteert en reageert automatisch op de bewegingen van de arbeiders en levert indien nodig aangedreven kracht van zijn 7 gedraaide snaaraandrijvingen. Het pak heeft een batterijduur van maximaal 10 uur om ervoor te zorgen dat de werknemer zijn dienst ononderbroken kan voltooien.

Seismic Announces Powered Clothing for Worker Safety

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Seismic, an apparel company that designs Powered Clothing has launched its newest line in Powered Clothing.

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Next-Generation Powered Clothing for Worker Safety (Photo: Business Wire)

Next-Generation Powered Clothing for Worker Safety (Photo: Business Wire)

Seismic Suit for Worker Safety

This is the first Seismic Powered Clothing designed specifically for the Worker Safety market, an over-the-clothes “vest-style” garment inspired by traditional workwear, with a toolbelt form-factor hardware “carrier” at the waist. The Seismic Suit has been deigned in line with OSHA standards and developed in conjunction with teacher customers to protect workers’ core, upper and lower back in repetitive, awkward and hazardous postures. These powered postures include standing, forward lean, backward lean, squatting, stooping, and kneeling.

The Suit automatically senses and responds to the workers movements and delivers powered strength from its 7 twisted string actuators when needed. The Suit has a battery life of up to 10 hours to ensure the worker can complete their shift uninterrupted.

Seismic Suit can deliver 100% sustained powered support, essentially suspending the worker without any muscle engagement.

Seismic Suit is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable with a vest style upper that utilizes the latest materials for cooling and comfort, and a removable belt which houses the battery and drive components so that they can be easily swapped out. Flex-Drive™ muscles are routed within the garment and are aligned with the wearer’s anatomical muscles, with quick release connections if they need to be removed. The Suit features an integrated lumbar mechanism, external controls, with haptic and LED feedback. Purpose-built for Manufacturing and Logistics workplace, the Suit doesn’t interfere with existing PPE and can be put on, taken off in less than 60s, laundered for over 50 industrial cycles and serviced quickly to minimize time and associated labor cost. Special design details in the Suits garment pattern, lightweight technical components and low-profile form factor prevent damage when in contact with external products, increase range of motion, and workers agility while performing tasks.

The Seismic Suit for Worker Safety will start shipping in Q1 2023

About Seismic™

Seismic Powered Clothing is a fusion of apparel and robotics, designed to prevent and reduce body strain, fatigue and injury by providing the body’s core with extra power and stability. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable – the connected apparel is engineered with patented Flex-Drive™ electric muscles that align with anatomical muscles to provide Intelligent Wearable Strength™.


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